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Contact No: 012-3240988

Brief intro:
Fatboybakes is doing this as a hobby. He is a Civil Engineer, albeit a non practising one, and baking, he finds, much like mixing concrete, is therapeutic. And no, there is no physical shop/bakery either. It's all here, in this wonderfully virtual world.

He is also a Realtor by day, so if you are looking for a House to go with that cake, do let him know .

Due to possible miscommunication, there have been instances when people who ordered did not pick up the cake. Therefore, please ensure that you sms your order and receive reply confirmation that your order has been received.

For Food Reviews and Tried and Tested Recipes, go to my other blog
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to increase in prices of certain raw ingredients, some cakes have increased in price, marginally. They are the Durian Cheese Cake (now RM70, from RM65), the Dad's Mars Bar Cheese Cake (now RM70 from RM65), Chilled Mars Bar Cheese Cake (RM65 from RM60) O…