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I WILL BE AWAY FROM 1-4 July. Apologies.

1. Send me a text/whatsapp at 012-3240988. Email orders and enquiries are not deemed confirmed.
 2. Please state your name, cake, pick up date, wording if any, and candles if required. Cakes are usually made the day before pickup.
 3. Please DO NOT use numerals, eg to replace words, like "To" or "For". Eg, I 1 2 order 2 cakes 4 2moro.
4. Where possible, please use the Given Name of the cake to avoid confusion, rather than referring to "durian cake", as there are 3 different cakes with Durian.  eg, Aromatherapy.
5. ALL CAKES ARE LABELLED UNDER THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO ORDERS. If you send your driver, friend, grandmother etc, please tell them to quote YOUR name, and not their name, as it will cause undue panic when we see there is no such order.
 6. Generally, no delivery. Pick up is from Damansara Heights, anytime between 9.30am-9pm, or Bangsar Baru, Mon- Fri 9.30-5pm. Unless specified, pick up is ass…