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We Do Need Another Hero

[The title of today's post was not meant to refer to a certain other entry that I've linked to today, coincidental as it may sound]

A loud scream pierced through the entire street, snapping me out of my day dream reverie. Glanced out the window to see a snatch thieving in process...the villain was hopping onto the passing motorbike, and the victim was running after him screaming louder than a woman in labour. Very effective, as everyone stood there riveted at the scene. I ran downstairs, by which time, of course, the perpertrators of this evil crime had vanished. I am surprised they got away. Some good samaritans did give chase. The road side cobbler could have flung a shoe at the motorbike, and hit him on the head. I guess it's easy to say in retrospect. A terrified sweet young thing, handbag draped over her hand, asked me to accompany her to her car, which was parked in some alley. I told her she was an IDEAL candidate for snatch thievery. (and pick pocketing as well, com…

Due Date

[errata update: I've been informed by Shades that the airline should be AIR ASIA, and not MAS].

Today is the day. Due date for the stork to arrive. But the stork must be flying Malaysian Airlines, coz it's delayed. No signs yet.

Tuesday's late night out left me lethargic and zombified. Certainly not as young as we used to be, and used this excuse to justify not doing a strand of exercise yesterday. Didn't even venture within 100m of Menara Manulife, lest I be sucked in by the gravitational pull. MPH 100 hour sale is on. Pretty good, 20% off all books. Stocked up on more recipe books. Would you believe it, they don't have Nigella Lawson?!!!

Went to two MPHs actually. One in MVM....which actually, for its size, lacks variety. The one in 1 utama certainly seems to have a wider variety of stuff, at least stuff that I am interested in. Bumped into ex FCI in Giant. His first time meeting the brood, and mumbled something about the boys resembling me.

I ask you, WHERE is the r…

Any Time Now

That's what the gynae said at this morning's ante natal checkup. "Any time now". But he also said that last week. Well, if nothing happens, the kid will be induced on 3rd april.

There's something primal about the latest Body Combat release. The idea of pummeling someone senseless, repeatedly punching them while they're on the ground, somehow appeals to the darker side of human beings, as can be seen by the zeal with which that particular track is executed. I could feel a certain adrenalin surge while knocking the daylights out of an imaginary foe. To the uninitiated, yeah, well, all (or most) of body combat is about whacking people, but so far, it's usually punching an upright person. (position, not character). So this particular Muay Thai track, which allows you to repeatedly box someone who you've presumably toppled earlier, gives a sense of .....euphoria??? FCI's class was packed as usual. The wafts of body odor were stronger than normal, and I …

Still No Sign Of Popping

[fatboyrecipes updated with Orange Sour Cream Poppy Seed Cake recipe for Anonymous]

All you friends out there who have been asking, thanks, but nope, them contractions have notchyet begun. We are waiting with bated breath.

Nothing particularly interesting happened yesterday. Have kinda made a new friend through the blog, via Shades. An RPM and BP instructor whom I've yet to meet, but who reckons chances of meeting are slim.

After work, went to the gym, though I was highly reluctant to do so, coz I was lazy, and there were not classes that ngam me. And I was too lazy to troop to Axis for Body Attack. So, ended up doing the treadmill again. Half way through, the battery from MP3 player (cant afford an Ipod) konked out, so had to watch CNN. Honestly, if it weren't for the group exercise, I'd have cancelled my membership a long long time ago, I reckon. If I am gonna be jogging, or walking, give me lake gardens or bukit kiara any day man. As for weights, I guess I could carry baby…

Foodie Weekend

Seemed like a rather packed weekend. On Friday, decided that since I wasn't going to go for Body Pump, coz of the slight niggling pain on elbow, I'd go the gym earlier to get the daily exercise out of the way. Bumped into the RPM instructor, Ping (looks like angel, rides like devil fame) chatting with Nick, (who is now also my FGXC, coz as yhsmom says, he is always so accommodating and willing to listen to members gripes), when Nick told me that the Combat Instructor for the Tuesday evening slot will not be able to teach that slot for the next 9 months or so. Good for her!!!! Anyway, the good news was that FCI will probably continue teaching that slot.

Ping, while talking to me, suddenly realised that I was fatboy of fatboybakes. I apologised profusely for not attending her RPM class, though I did somewhat enjoy her classes, as far as it is possible to enjoy RPM.

Anyway, did the machines. They've finally upgraded the treadmills at MML, (Menara Manulife, formerly known as Men…

Cutting Edge Technology

One of the issues that has been recurring is the issue of the big V (for me) as a method of safe contraception. I know I am wading into deeper waters than I usually do, hhhmmmm, so I think I should stop.

Anyway, boy no1 has been pestering me to make "marble cake" ever since it was featured in some cartoon on disney channel. So since it's fairly easy, gave in to his request and made it. Turned out quite nice actually, but then again, with one block of butter, you can't really go wrong I reckon.

Since got gym out of the way during lunch time, freed up the evening. Managed to get baby boy to try swimming with goggles. Thus far he has always resisted. He has a really big head, for a 3½ year old, and probably the kids goggles were too tight. Anyway, finally got him to don on a pair, and he loved it. I reckon he looks sooo cute in it.

Lunch time step ...class not as packed as usual, but still very good for a lunch time crowd. New release, which is not bad. But I always enjoy…

One Week To Go

[Music to Final de deeeeeeeeeee de, de de de de duhhhh]

Well, due date is 30th, making it exactly one week left, but whoever heard of the stork arriving right on the dot. My preferred dates would be 27th, coz that'll be exactly a week after my dad's birthday, meaning we celebrate a birthday every week in March, starting from the 6th. 6th is mother in law's, 13th is boy no 1, 20th is dad, and hopefully 27th is baby girl. If not, then maybe 28th...nice number mah. Yee Fatt.

I recall when the last kid was due. It was 7th Sept 2002. Looking back at the folly of youth....I was out having drinks with new found friends, and would really have been in no condition to drive a woman in labour to the hospital. Phew. I'd never have heard the end of that one. Finally, baby boy was induced on 10th Sept 2002, coz we wanted to avoid the infamous date.

Anyway, meanwhile, we went out for dinner with Woman I Am Scared Of, with wife, of course, as WIASO was craving char kueh t…

Cutting Hair With The Tun

I know, I know, I felt like a teenager meeting his pop idol or something. Unashamedly, I have always been an admirer of our ex Prime Minister, no matter what people may say. But since this is a food blog, and not a political one, I shall not go into all that. Suffice to say, I sat down in my barber chair seat, it was unusually quiet save for one other fellow cutting his hair. It was only when I sat down, and looked in the mirror, I realised who was sitting next to me.

What does one do in an AWKWARD situation like that? The last time when I saw current prime minister sitting directly behind me in the play Emily of Emeral Hill, (he was DPM then), I wished him Good Evening Yang Berhormat, and got sooo much flack from iconoclast couple, (quodlibet now), for being obsequious, and kiss ass. I don't know about THEIR generation, but my generation, we were taught to wish our elders, and people we respect. So anyway, I greeted the Tun with a "Good evening Tun". He very graciously r…

Happy Birthday Dad

Was my father's birthday yesterday. Went to Zipangu for dinner, but only because I had a 35% group dining voucher, which made it quite reasonably priced. Food was excellent as always, and the shashimi very very fresh. Forgot to take pics of the other food, like the pan seared foie gras on winter melon, the soft shell crab spider maki, the yummy grilled saba mackerel.

Twas a noisy affair as usual, with the 6 kids running around wild. Boy no 1 as usual, being his cheeky self, when singing the birthday song, went,
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to [DAD'S NAME]
Happy Birthday to you.

I mean, all of us sang either dad, yer yer or kong kong.... that boy call by name.

Apart from the birthday dinner, nothing very much happened. Decided to give the old bones a rest after yesterday's gruelling Body Attack.

Old Friends, New Launches.

On Friday, after work, I was soooo lazy to go to the gym. After preparing the pastry for the currypuffs I intended to make for cell group later, I just could NOT foresee myself lugging this heavy ass all the way for an RPM class, which I detest anyway. Nevertheless, when the "angel" and "devil" fatboys appeared on my shoulders, both putting forth their point of views, the "angel" finally won.

RPM class was with Ping again, the one who "looks like an angel but rides like the devil". She was very friendly, even recalled me from last week's class. (Must have been my half dying expression). I swear, 50 minutes of RPM is probably some of the longest 50 minutes ever. Actually, I am amazed that after the class, or the next day, I am not wheelchair bound or something, coz DURING the class, I usually think, omigoodness, I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Waved to Shades as he was conducting the combat class, only to get a friendly scowl in…

Blog This And I Will K*** You

Dont usually blog on Saturday nights, but have to quickly get this one posted.
Bumped into a certain unnamed instructor, in an unnamed gym, for an unnamed class, who showed me this message he got from one of his unnamed adoring blog fans, who resides in an unnamed island east of Guangzhou, or thereabouts (there, the one with lots of high rise, and previously a british colony). So, as a favour to him, I am blogging it on his behalf. Wow, imagine the impact of blogs these days.

Plagued With Suicidal Guilt

It's Friday, and I've only been to the gym TWICE this week. And I've only done ONE GX class!!! And it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shades suggested I throw myself out the window, but I said there are grills, and I'm on the first floor, so it won't do much good. He then suggested that I might get killed trying to squeeze through the grills. And he wonders why he is the holder of only ONE F*I title. Also, he put before me a very tough dilemma. WHICH launch class will I attend tomorrow at MRB? Will it be Body Step, at 5pm, with FSI and Macho Nippon Lady, (change to Lady la, MN Woman sounds so rude), OR Body Combat at 6pm with FCI and FPI? Choices choices. I need to pray about it tonight.

The reason why I had to skip Body Step during lunch was coz I had lunch with Best Friend from Melbourne. aka King of the Chinese Aussies. Okaylah, can still go for step at any other time I guess, so the "sacrifice" wasn't all that great. It wasn…

Aiya No Response One

Aiya, no one responded to my reward offer for being the 10,000th customer on the blog. Actually, in reality, it's not really the 10,000th customer per se lah, coz the counter was installed several months after I started this blog, thanks to HL, and 2ndly, my own visits to the blog is counted as well. So give or take, I'd say realistically, there probably have been about 5000 hits thus far.

I recall clearly the day HL asked me to give blogging a go. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but looking back, have no regrets. It's almost therapeutic, and it has also given me the chance to meet some new people, some of whom have since become good friends even. It isn't all encompassing, of course, and while some people may think it's very time consuming, the actual typing of text alone takes about 10-15 minutes max. It's when you upload pics, etc, that it becomes more time consuming. But like recipe books, I also believe a pic paints a 1000 words.

So for …

10,000th visitor, PLEASE EMAIL ME

Hallo, yar, it suddenly came to my attention that I am hitting the 10,000th mark on the site counter. If you are the 10,000th "customer", please email me, and claim your reward. No cheating now.

Usable Skills In Life

It suddenly occured to me last night I have very few marketable skills in this life. Case in point was when the shower pipe in the kid's room sprung a leak, last night. As you can see from the water flow, this was no ordinary leak. Of course, being very waste conscious people, we started takung-ing the waters into buckets, bathtubs, etc to use to clean the floor or what not.

The leak reminds me of that English Comprehension story in standard 3, about the little brave boy Hans in Holland, who stuck his finger in the leaking dyke (the walls that keep off the sea, not the other type), to prevent the leak from getting bigger and flooding the entire village. Does anyone else remember that story?

Anyway, I couldn't stick my finger into any orifice to prevent the gushing waters, so the only solution I could think of was to shut of the mains.

Which then got me thinking that it would not be such a bad idea to take up a plumbing course. There are many benefits to being a certified p…

Society Wedding of The Year

It was boy no1's real birthday, so we brought him out for lunch at Unique Seafood, which has 50% off dim sum on weekdays. Not bad lah, considering the hefty discount. The fact that it's pork free kinda adds a dampener to it, but heck, with 50% off, can't really be too choosy. Also, "renovated" his leftover birthday cake, which was that dry chocolate cake, and turned it into a Black Forest Cake, by whacking on Kirsch, (cherry liqeur), dark canned cherries, and fresh cream. Well, the kids loved the "renovated" cake. (the term renovated was coined by boy no1, in this context)

Kids at Unique Seafood Aquaria

Had to leave for wedding of the year (part two of Saturday morning nuptials, the one with the church ceremony in the Mandarin Oriental Cathedral) quite early, so once again, couldn't make it for body attack in axis. And since elbow still screwed, couldn't go for pump either, but really needed to work out that 50% discounted dim sum lunch, so ended …

Busy Busy Weekend

From the time I got home on Friday, till now, it's been rather hectic. Had to rush the cake for boy1's birthday on Saturday, and he had dictated to me what he wanted. What I wasn't counting on was how DIFFICULT it is to get coloring into the sugarpaste icing. It's like massaging an old fat person whose fat had coagulated.

Anyway, the original intention was to have to shades of blue. One light, for the sky, one dark, for the sea. But the kneading of the sugarpaste just for one shade had zapped me of all energy, and I feared I could not go for RPM after, so I thought, what the heck, just make it into an aquarium. But boy vehemently objected, so I just made a few darker strips of blue, not a whole chunk, to signify waves. The Finding Nemo jelly beans were bought from Hong Kong. Yes, I do plan ahead. The while clouds are sugarpaste, the sun, birds and seaweed are those stripped jelly beans.

Then scooted off for RPM class with Ping, whom Shades described as:
"She may look…

Thinking Up A Title Everyday Can Be Stressful

Originally I was going to put "Squatless Step", but the non gym inclined friends would think, OHHHH NOOOO, not another gym entry. Then I thought, okay, "Making Birthday Cake for Son" then the non culinary inclined will think, argh, food again. In reality, it's a combo of both.

Squat class at lunch time, packed as usual. FSI announced that he hadn't had lunch, as opposed to usually teaching a class with a full stomach. Later on, his car also got summoned, as he watched helplessly from the glass studio above. I am amazed that he could continue the class nonchalantly. Also, I forgot to mention last week, I am so amazed at how these instructors can switch from mirror image, to doing it with the class, and back to mirror image. Heck, I have friends who can't even tell left from right, when it comes to giving road directions. In that respect, RPM instructors probably have it easy, don't have to contend with the mirror image thing....unless our leg movement…

Raw Power In Motion Yet Again

Since my elbow is killing me, couldn't do any class that involves any significant amount of arm work, so I opted for my LEAST favourite group X class, RPM. It's sheer torture, very little pleasure, in fact, non at all, except the feeling of triumph at the end of it. And for some reason, my seat wasn't locked in properly. Its so exasperating, coz once your shoes are locked into the pedal, it's so mah fan to unleash the darn thing, and get off the bike. Sweat was in my eyes, so I couldn't see where I was going, fortunately the bike's stationary, if not I'd probably have hit a dog and injured myself. Forgot the water bottle, so had to rehydrate by licking off the sweat off the face. (kidding la). Oh, instructor very cool. Herny. Heard her name many times. She reminds me of someone. Can't think who at the moment.

Had lunch with young lawyer at Chef and Brew. It's in that new building in Plaza Damansara. Food not bad, reasonably priced too. …

4 Out of 9 Anniversaries With Child

Hard to believe that 9 years ago, this time, (ie, 8th March, 10.30am), we were all either, waiting for the bride's arrival, OR, in the midst of saying our vows. Yup, 9 years. Out of which, I was thinking, while at the ante natal this morning, 4 anniversaries have been spent with the wifey with child.

Yesterday was Jakarta Jan's last body pump class, in MRB, before she leaves to assume her new post in the Indonesian capital. A few days ago, I got an sms from Lionheart saying that it was gonna be a butch class, and that everyone is making an effort to come, and there will be cake. So ya, Lionheart, yhsmom, and the famous Donna were there, (I can't remember why she's famous, but I've heard her name before), and it was a very enjoyable class. Jak Jan looked pleased to see all of us, and thanked us, including fatboy, for attending. She received a bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the class, which was packed, for lunch time. As bad as FSI's lunchtime step class. …

No 1 In Tianjin

Wasn't gonna write anything, but then I got this message on MSN. How sweet....dunno if its sarcasm:

J says: blog updated?
J says: go update
J says: i can't carry on the day without reading it first
CORNELIUS says: i got nothing to update wor
J says: so u planning to just not write?
J says:how irresponsible

Anyway, to further add to the pool of instructor rivalry, I got this sms over the weekend, from fellow gym kaki:

That should hopefully ruffle some feathers, and cause an all out martial arts war.

No gym yesterday, as I was too late for body attack at axis. Brought the boys to Ikano, to hangout, as girl has some tests at school, so had to stay back with mother to do some work. Hung out at Popular, but not before buying some Wrigley Juicy Fruit chewing gum which I used to eat as a kid, and thought boy no 1 would like.

Boy: So, is this what you ate in the old days?
Me: Old days?
Boy: Ya, old days. When you were a kid.
Me: Ya.
Boy: What did they use as clocks in the old days?

Turns out, kid…