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PHEW!!! What a weekend. The thing is, quite a number of things are unbloggable. Due to injured elbow, had to skip FPI's pump, which was just as well, coz my ride to the cowboy party arrived early, at 7.55pm. It wasn't by horse, by the way. Anyway, the party was for Girl Marrying Gwai Low, who will soon be moving to Boston. It was a birthday party cum hen night....Very odd combination, but very novel idea.

Anyway, the theme, Wild Wild West was inspired by the movie below. As was the following poster.

Actually, while unbloggable to a certain degree, suffice to say things were very much under control, and we did not end up like the 70 college kids the weekend before who got busted in a service apartment for a drug, booze and sex infested party. We were afterall all adults, and in fact, there was a father-daughter pair present for awhile, which speaks VOLUMES for the wholesome-ness of the whole event. Food was great, catered satay, tandoori, naan, etc.... Might not have been a bad idea to have ribs and corn, keeping in theme. But hey, we are a muhibbah people. The last pic above shows the barber chair treatment. 2 seconds of Chivas poured down your throat. (I can almost hear some people shaking their heads in disbelief). Chill out, 2 seconds of chivas is hardly half a pack.

Saturday morning....was supposed to bring the kids to FRIM (Forest Reserve Inst of Msia) for a waterfall picnic, with godson and parents, but errr, the party ended at 3.30am, so papa here was bushed. Anyway, it was scorching hot. They were entertained sufficiently by making a birthday cake for their grandmother instead. Well, the late night really took its toll, and I was pretty much exhausted all day, and dragged myself for body combat in the evening.... which was alright.

Dinner, hosted by Everybody Loves Raymond leader, was at this charming, quaint peranakan place in Central Market. Now there's a destination I haven't been to in yonks. RM9.10 for parking, only to have your car bombarded with crow droppings.

But the place, Precious Old China, was very nice. Food was good, and ambience really old world. From what I gather, fairly reasonably priced too. Twas nice to see everyone again, including Mr FFK.

Part of the main dining hall

Mixed vegies and okra kerabu

VIP Room. Check out the panels in background.

Cake for Mother In Law

Sunday church as usual. Very interesting sermon on fatherhood. Usual body step class in afternoon. Finished decorating the cake in the evening, and headed to Equatorial Bangi for mother in law's birthday. The cake was supposed to be a black forest, but the cake was too solid chocolate, as opposed to the usual sponges you get in commercial cakes. My sister in law complained that it was too hard, but bro in law had two slices. I guess I won't bother trying this particular recipe for Black forest again. Might as well just intersperse a normal chocolatey cake with the black forest ingredients, and no one will be the wiser.


Anonymous said…
Hey, I like your blog. Was surfing the net and stumbled upon it. Recognised you from the blurred out photos :) (if you are who I think you are la)
fatboybakes said…
yalar, i'm a very shy person, and do not like exposing myself. and who are you? do i know you??? obviously yes la.
Pick Yin said…
I've seen half of those people in the pictures before. >)
Anonymous said…
:) Yeah, I guess so. Wouldn't it be hilarious/embarassing if you are not who I think you are? hahahaha do I know this without mentioning your name here.. oh...I know.. Were you at a certain doctor's (whose wife works in a bank) house on the eve of chap goh mei for an open house?
fatboybakes said…
anonymous, phwaah, you very terror lar. sum more you said you stumbled across this BY CHANCE??? omigod. yes, i was a aforementioned doctor's house, in fact, blogged about it as well.

pickyin: NO SHIT!!!!! REALLY??!!!! KL is frighteningly small. unless you meant you've seen half those people on the blog before.
Pick Yin said…
:D:D Nope. You and I have some common friends.
Anonymous said…
Well, I was googling for fitness blogs and then I stumbled upon Shade's blog, which in turn led me to your blog. :)

Then when I say your blurred picture, I thought to myself, OMG, is that "so and so"???

Wow! Didn't know you could cook leh.
fatboybakes said…
anonymous: you male or female? by virtue of elimination, can tell oridi who there would google for fitness sites. if YOU are who i think YOU are, then i'm surprised you even have time to surf the net.

pickyin: omigoodness. REALLY ah? argh, my cover is blown then.
Anonymous said…
No, I am not LYL! That's who I think I am, rite? Hahahaha

BTW, I is female :)
Anonymous said…
Ooopps, should read as:

No, I am not LYL! That's who you think I am, rite? Hahahaha

BTW, I is female :)
fatboybakes said…
then wat about the other half of LYL? hmmm, actually who IS LYL???!!! the one i thought you were's initials were LTK, or KLT...hmmmmmmmmmm.....hint please.
Anonymous said… definitely not KLT.

Who is LYL?? hmmm..she works for a certain ventures company, lives near the doctor's house, goes to the gym at 6.30 every morning... I'm sure you know who rite?

Anyways, will give you a HUGE HUGE hint as to who I am. I had two siblings at the same do. (and no, I am not the 9 year old you played blackjack with!)
fatboybakes said…
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, okayyyyyy. same surname as my wife one ah? also refers to a condition with too much sun right!!!! nice to meet you here. thanks for dropping by. OH, LYL!!! duhh, slap forehead. yar, of course. actually, yar, that thought did cross my mind too. but forgot her full initials. you know shades?
Anonymous said…
Yup, that's who I am. :)

Nope, don't know Shades. Just saw his blog and attended his RPM class once.
fatboybakes said…
then how you know shades is your rpm instructor? oh, yar, his face on his blog right.

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