I much prefer this cover, compared with the ones we get here. I'm not even sure which scene the cover we get here refers to, whereas, this cover is quite obvious.

Anyway, contrary to my original resolution NOT to read the book until it was like 50% discounted, (and I'm not talking pirated copies), a good friend lent me his, and fuelled my curiosity by dropping hints, in bits and pieces, as to what was happening. Patience not being my foremost virtue, I succumbed, big time, and was soon displaying all the usual "don't disturb me or get killed" traits when i'm firmly entrenched in a book.

I kinda dread the fact that the next book will be the last. Strange thing for me, when reading serial novels, or even the odd individual one, when you grown fond of the characters, etc etc. It's far worse for Harry Potter, because you can actually visualise the characters in your mind, thanks (or no thanks) to the movies. I can imagine every grimace or eye roll by Ron Weasley, Hermione's adorable expressions, and Dumbledore's voice.

Anyway, yeah, the book was quite alright. I have to give JK credit for her very fertile imagination. And whatever critics, including the pope, may say, she is a darn good yarn spinner. I cannot believe I have to wait for another 2 years or so to see the conclusion. This book, by the way, is the worst of all so far in terms of cliffhangers. At least with the others, there was some form of closure. Then again, it's been so long ago, that I've actually forgotten the story.


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