Have to blog this before I forget. One of my greatest regrets is not having mastered a Chinese dialect, or Mandarin. Not more than 3 minutes ago, I just had this painful conversation with an overenthusiastic telemarketeer, trying to sell me THE BUFFET CLUB card. I understood him perfectly; my regret stems from the fact that I have no ability to give a witty or snide retort. When I used to work up north, (in Alor Setar), where everyone speaks hokkien, I get really jittery in coffee shops, because I never know how much I'm supposed to pay, when they say it in hokkien, when it comes to payment, so I always give big notes, so I get change.

Anyway, I wonder where these telemarketeers get their database of names from and what criteria do they impose. I suspect its by weight. I remember recently divulging my weight to the questionnaire in a newly opened gym, a glitzy looking one in the vicinity of sri hartamas. They must have sold my info to the buffet club, or WHY else would the BUFFET CLUB think that i'd be interested in eating for "free" at 14 different venues spread over the klang valley? Next time, when I fill in a weight questionnaire, I'm gonna say I'm anorexic, and weigh only 30kg. What they see is just padding.

Anyway, I still haven't figured out how to politely tell a telemarketeer in Cantonese to sod it. Can someone enlighten me? Apart from "mou sai see kan". (dont waste time).


jesscet said…
Haha, that was funny - the `weight' thing. well, i would just tell a cantonese-speaking telemarkerter `sorry, ngor mou heng chui' (i have no interest) and followed by `ng siong sai ney ke si kan' (don't want to waste your time)

straight forward and hope they get it.

btw, your blog is pretty interesting, will give it the honour of being on my links. ;)
fatboybakes said…
Really? Wow, I am so honored indeed. It's like Saddam Hussein's wife telling Tony Blair his blog will be linked to hers.
jesscet said…
ok..thanks for the analogy (and sarcasm). But since when have we become enemies at two sides of the poles? somemore i helped to `enlightened' you with the cantonese phrases.. hmph! ungrateful one.

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