dont you just love it when you've had the monday off, so you're lulled into thinking tuesday is actually monday, (when you get to work), and then realise, by thursday, hey, friday is tomorrow. why was i off on monday? well, there must be something in the air, akin to pollen, that makes people want to germinate, or repopulate, or pollinate, around this time of the year, coz there are like weddings galore. its like navigating through an asteroid're bound to hit one.

weddings are costly affairs, not just for those intending to pollinate, but for those attending as well. alas, usually with the odd tipple or two, i become exceedingly receptive to wedding invites, almost to the shameless point of begging for one. but when reality sinks in, i wonder, oh no, me and my big mouth, whyyyyyy on earth did i say yes. which brings me back to why i had to take monday off. because, there was this wedding in singapore, on sunday. i had originally intended to drive the full 458 km or so, but because there was yet ANOTHER wedding on saturday night here in KL, i thought there might be a slim chance that i'll be hungover. SLIM being the operative word. the wedding on saturday night was bungkused like takeaway nasi lemak by 10.30pm, with the more happening of us looking shocked at our watches mentally saying, IT CANT BE OVER...NO NO NO. i digress. anyway, yar, the thought of driving under the influence caused me to take the aeroline BUS. i did the math, and figured, for the wife and me (or is it i) , it works out just slightly more than driving, sans the stress.

so, basically, in a momentary lapse of judgement (and sanity), i ended up spending like RM600 for a sunday and monday, which otherwise would have cost RM60. so, i've decided now to categorise my friends as "HOW FAR WOULD I TRAVEL FOR YOUR WEDDING". are you a 1 hour flight away friend? or 13 hours? (that is, i'd fly to london for your wedding). yup, that's a good classification. and the next time i know i'm about to get subpoena-ed, i'll make a mental assessment, "how many hours, how many hours". of course, if your wedding is in KL, then those flying hours, like flying miles, will translate to angpow money lah. if you were a 13 hour flight friend, but was marrying in KL, then i guess your angpow would be pretty sizeable. but no, i wont give you the airfare equivalent.


all-aboard! said…
this week has been a verrrrry verrrrry slow one for me.

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