My life is quite routine, in a good way. Monday is mall night, Tuesday is family dinner, Wednesday is dinner with the in-laws, Thursday is wild card, Friday is home group, Saturdays are inevitably taken up by wedding dinners, dinners with other adults without kids, dinner with the discount card (that's the only time wife and I go "dating" together, when one of us eats for free, because we were suckered into buying those hotel prestige cards), dinners with adults with kids. I never really appreciated the routine, in fact, a few years ago i was almost bemoaning the fact that my life was so routine, until a series of events, crises, to be more precise, such as the death of a cousin and father's heart attack, threw the routine into complete disarray, and i thought to myself, I can't wait for life to get back to its routine. And since then, I've never really complained about routine.

So, as a matter of routine, Friday night is usually another bake night, for my home group. A home group is one of those church things, where a few of us (and getting fewer by the week) meet up for bible study. Last Friday, I experimented with an orange flan, which is a variation of the lemon tart. I intended to regurgitate the same thing the following night, for dinner with friends, without kids. But I didn't really take to the orange flan. So for the following night, I decided to go for the jaffa chocolate tart instead, which people bemoaned was too rich. Groan.


mumsgather said…
My husband loves routines. He says its the only thing that gives him some sort of stability and comfort on stressful days. So we do the same things on certain days of the week. We even eat the same things for certain meals. Hahaha!

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