For those of you who know me better, you'd know that Tuesday is bake day, coz that's when my sister, brother in law and nephews and niece come home for family dinner. So, it's the one day in the week where I am guaranteed a captive audience, and guinea pigs for new experimentation. I've dabbled in quite a few recipes ever since starting this Tuesday bake thing, starting with the easy ones, like tiramisu (which actually requires no baking), profiteroles and eclairs, cheese cakes, (got to work on this one. my sister doesn't like those rich chilled cheese cakes, but prefers the lighter spongier baked variety, as do I, actually, but haven't gotten around to trying, because cheese cakes are so heavy for a tuesday night dessert), lemon meringue pie, orange poppy seed cake, durian poppy seed cake, lemon tarts, marble cake, triple berry pie, apple pie, lemon & apple sour cream cake, chocolate truffle cake, and of course, my supposed piece de resistance, with other friends, at any rate, the flourless chocolate cakes with molten lava centre.

actually, these little muffin sized cakes are easy peasy to make. takes all of 20 minutes, minus the pre-preparation of the molten centres. but heck, you could pour over a warm chocolate sauce and it'll be just as good. the molten centres are more for effect really. makes it sound exotic, like lava from vesuvius. if you want the recipe, email me.


toeknee said…
I know it's more work for you but could you post photographic instructions instead of just the recipies? Step-By-Step guide?
Fashionasia said…
RECIPE For the lava muffin cake please!!!!!!!!!!
geee......im suppose to loose weight....
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to try this molten lava cake! Have to wait for more mouths to eat it though! Great for supper after bible study.

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