a dear dear friend residing in sydney asked if a blog was about oneself. actually, up to now, i myself have no real idea of what blog means, and the word certainly doesnt exist in my 1975 edition of the Oxford Dictionary. anyway, thankfully, like blogs, we have online dictionaries, so the definition of blog is [drum roll..........]

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user; also written web log, Weblog; also called blog

oh, and in response to my molten choc cakes, there have already been 2 requests for the recipe. that's quite good, considering only 5 people know of this site....or thereabouts.

ingredients: (i dont have my book with me, so i'm doing this off the cuff).
180gm butter, 250 gm dark chocolate, 1 cup caster sugar - Group 1
1 cup almond meal (that's almond crushed to breadcrumbs like), 1 cup cocoa, 5 eggs- Group 2
optional for molten centres - 200 gm dark choc, 1/2 cup cream - Group C

A day ahead, melt the group C ingredients in double boiler setup, (ie, bowl over pot of simmering water). Refrigerate. When cool and pliable, shape into cubes or balls the size of cherries. large cherries. i just cube em. as in, i refrigerate them into a tray, and cut them into cubes about 2cmx2cmx2cm

Cakes itself :
Sift cocoa and mix together with almond meal in a bowl.
Melt group 1 ingredients in a heavy pot, on low heat, until sugar, butter and chocolate have all melted into a glossy saucy yummy texture.
Pour the aforementioned chocolate sauce into the cocoa almond duet.
Whisk together to combine. Actually, this is good exercise for the arms, because the mixture gets a bit thick, and its like stirring glue, or dodol.
Add eggs one at a time. Continue whisking. Whisking may not be accurate. Stir (like a witch does to a cauldron) with a whisk, in a movement that is a combo of beating, and stirring.
After the 2nd egg, you'll be wondering, oh dear, have i got it wrong, coz the mixture will look all lumpy and dog-foody....but fear not, you are on the way to success. By the time your 5th egg goes in, the batter would be lovely and smooth, and can be scooped out with a 1/3rd cup, which you should then pour into a greased and floured muffin pan (the standard muffin size, not the obscene big ones that you get in developed countries, or coffee bean).

I think you should get about 15 nos. which is a bit of a pain, coz usually, muffin trays come in 12. you can either 1. lick up the rest of the batter, 2. just chuck the remainder into a small baking tin, 3. use another muffin tray.

Your oven should be preheated to about 140C, which is moderately low. After your batter has settled into the muffin pan, insert your frozen chocolate cherry or cube into the centres. Voila.

Baking time should be about 20 mins. Serve with fresh cream, or vanilla ice cream, or both, depending on your calorific allowance.


Chipmunkrock said…
how about the recipe for your famous luncheon meat pies?? :)

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