Wednesday noon is the zenith of the week's chart, I guess. If Monday starts on the Y axis on "HORRID", then wednesday is when the graph takes a turn for the better, as we head towards "TGIF". But I guess mathematically, its wrong, coz if the graph was a V shape, and it changed gradient on wednesday afternoon, it would mean we're headed back up to "HORRID". Am i making sense?

Much like when you hit 35. I've been told repeatedly, by my father, that after 35, we're officially ageing. I believe it. Injuries are so much easier to come by, and take so much longer to recover from. Late nights.....my goodness, talk about late nights. Last saturday I had some friends over for dinner, and we didn't end till 3am. It wasn't physically strenous, per se, it's not like we were shaking our booty or gyrating to pulsating music. Far from it. It was a civilised sit around the table, chit chat with a few bottles of wine. But boy, did i pay the price the next day. Splitting headache, and slept through an entire sermon. Ironically, the church bulletin's front page article read, "You might have had a late night. You woke up with barely 20 minutes to do the three Ss, ie, shower, shave and s*** (ok ok, they didnt say that), before heading for church". Brr....was i being described to a T. Anyway, despite the one hour nap in church, I was still pretty much zombified the rest of the day. Which yeah, brings me to my original point, past 35 is definitely age-ing. Which makes me roll my eyes when the youth of today complain that 1am is late for them.

Oh, since this is supposedly a food related blog, here's what i served last saturday for dinner. there was a rosemary garlic roasted leg of lamb, a zuchinni mushroom pie, home made chicken liver pate which had the taste of pate, but the texture of mince meat, (i swear i dont know what i did wrong. if i had blended it any longer, the blender might have developed flight from all that revolution), pumpkin carrot & leek soup, a green garden salad, a prawn mangosteen salad (i learned that the best prawns for this type of salad would probably be tiger prawns, which are sweet and crunchy when lightly steamed). For dessert, we had tiramisu doused in kahlua, and a chocolate tart, which sigh, wasn't very popular. I wont read too much into it, and just assume that the guests were full. afterall, i myself liked the chocolate jaffa tart.

oh, and welcome back M&M. trust there were no bomb scares when u were there.


all-aboard! said…
Yeah somehow I don't think it would be a symmetrical V-graph... Perhaps the Y-axis on HORRID just consistently decreases until about Sunday morning and starts to climb slowly towards Sunday night (Sun nights are quite horrid too) and suddenly peaks on Monday morning again.

I'm back in one piece! ;D

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