Its amazing what you can see and hear in just 6 weeks, heartbeat and all.

Last night, Tuesday night, we had a real pig out session, coz my mother was hosting dinner for my uncle, aunt and cousin who recently graduated. But the young people of today have it good. She's extending her student life to study Mandarin for a year, (there, I KNEW it wasn't necessary to send kids to chinese vernacular schools, you CAN pick it up later as an adult, if there's a will) before embarking on working life.

I'm sure the haze is depressing us all. It's so deja vu, of the 1998 blanket that descended on us. I read that the lakes in Taiping are drying up. Taiping, the town where people bet on the time of rainfall. I used to work in Taiping. There is an invisible border, somewhere between the army camps and the prison, which demarcates which areas actually have rain. It could be raining cats and dogs at side A, but 100m down the road, dry as toast. I guess that's what our weather men mean when they say hujan disini sana.

Okay, back to food. Last night, (I was royally sickly full after dinner), we had crabmeat self rolled popiah for starters, the most deeeeevine siew yoke, with extra crackling, from Village Grocer's Deli section, Kurau Fish with Aubergine in Sambal, Curry Chicken, Salad, and apple pie (pic) for dessert, with home made vanilla ice cream, with vanilla extract all the way from MADAGASCAR.

The above are the condiments for the popiah, the salad with pine nuts, and the bacon and mushroom quiche, which I actually made on FRIDAY, for my cell group. I realise I seem to be putting forward a very weak defence here for "WHY I CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT DESPITE GOING TO THE GYM 6 TIMES A WEEK?" question. But hey, it's not like I chomp up everything single handedly.

Okay, today it'll have to be body pump and body combat back to back. Hope they won't be too sticky about the no back to back classes regulation.


Chipmunkrock said…
cryptkeeper said…
Food was great.. apple pie was nice and flaky =) Ice cream was super refreshing after being out in the haze the whole day.

As to the Mandarin, it helps if they have some sort of background (perhaps tuition if they don't do it in school?) before attempting to throw the kids into a foreign country where they don't speak the language.

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