(pic : Jalan Telawi 2. Can you see the Dome of the Mosque in the background??)

Lest we forget. I now have a vague feeling what the von Trapp family must have felt like fleeing from the oppressive Nazis. The kun cheong-ness of finding the opportune time to make their escape. You see, I'm trying desperately trying to get accommodation in Penang, so that I can escape, with the whole brood, for a few days, since the Malay Mail reports the API in Penang to be only 39. Reminds me of that scene in Ms Saigon, where all the Vietnamese are trying to get onto that last helicopter out of Saigon. I'm not one to normally complain about my physical beneath this chubby facade, is a person who's known pain and hardship. BUT, since my loved ones are also subject to this oppressive smog, (haze is actually too mild a word, it gives an impression of vague mist caressing limestone outcrops, like in those gui lin paintings), I can't take this sitting down. Anyway, school is closed for the next two days, so it's a perfect opportunity to flee.

The poor sods in Sumatra, where the epicentre (for want of a better word) of the burning is. I can't even begin to imagine. AND, M&M tells me that there are still people who smoke in confined places such as the workplace. I guess the logic is like eating bear paws or something. Everyone's doing it, its not going to make much difference if I do or don't. Who cares if lives are at stake. Maybe its like that!!!!! That neighbouring country, which we shall not mention, is the inconsiderate co-worker who chooses to smoke, with precious disregard to his other co-workers.

Shades, if you are reading this, well, I might have to miss your pump class yet again, if I manage to get accommodation in your home state.


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