Actually, part of the culinary art is reading a recipe, and having a fair idea of whether it is worth trying or not, and having an inkling of what the finished product should taste like. And so far, I've had quite a good hit rate with experimental recipes.

Anyway, on Saturday, after a lovely semi-romantic dinner in Zipangu, we (the wife and me lah) headed for Bonton for dessert. Do you know you can't really have a slice of cake in the hotel lounge at the Shang? (as in they don't serve cake in the lobby lounge, so you can't have your cake and eat it either while listening to the band).

Desserts are a very iffy thing. You don't really want to waste calories (as in use up your calorie quota) by eating something that's not really orgasmic or to die for. And desserts are a calorie bomb, needless to say. So get a mediocre dessert, you're in this quandary; finish it and do another hour on the treadmill to work it off, OR just leave it, (and have pictures of starving children in africa haunt you for the next 20 minutes) and waste it. One of the few places with consistently good, albeit exorbitantly priced, desserts is Bonton. Actually, if anyone else knows of good dessert places, please let me know. I had a scoop of the homemade lime delicious ice cream, (macamlah I'm the one who's pregs and needs something sour to combat ze nausea), which was very good. I've combed the internet for lime delicious ice cream recipe, and while there are a lot of hits for lime ice cream, none look particularly good. So I used my gut feel and experimented myself, and came up with a fairly decent concoction of limey (if not a bit TOO sour) ice cream. Oh, it's true that lime/lemon juice makes cream curdle, in case you wonder if its a myth, as did I.

Then came the conundrum, whattttt do I serve the ice cream with? With the whole family supposedly watching their diet, it had to be something low calorie, or vaguely healthy. So, I dug up an old internet recipe for a flourless orange cake. I've had flourless lemon cakes from (the now defunct) Daimaru, in Melbourne, which was deeeevine, and also had searched the net for recipes, but none really seemed to promise the kind of finished product I anticipate. Nevertheless, I picked out what I thought was a semi decent recipe (for flourless orange cake).

Should have known, from the directions, that it was to be a culinary disaster. Ingredients stated 4 teaspoons of honey, but in the directions, only 3 spoons were utilised. Where did the other spoon go??? Bottomline, healthy sounding desserts are no desserts. Ugh, it tasted like some tasteless oatbran cake, that you'd feed your horse. Of course, the family are very supportive, and told me not to be too hard on myself, and not to slit my wrists just yet. They were probably in that awkward situation of having to telan all those unwanted calories....


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