FLAT-ulence, that is. For some reason, yesterday, I was passing wind like bellows stoking a coal fire. And it was some of my A grade work too. Stank like a skunk. And I was chatting with M&M on yahoo, and I actually said I was farting like a billow, then realised it looked wrong. (the word, i mean, not the act). Bellow, billow. Not words that we oft use. I then avered that when I get to heaven, I'm going to request a printout of all my word usage, and see the statistics. It'll probably be something like this:
OOOOOH - 23, 061,674
ORIDI - 22,099,088
YALOR - 22,099,081
GUFFAW - 15,117, 904

Summat like that.

The word chortle somehow evoked memories of BEANO comics, so i wondered what became of them, and did an internet search. Look what I found:

Learn more about preventing intestinal gas with Beano and download a coupon. ... You can with Beano®. Beano helps prevent gas naturally before it starts ... and chili anytime, anywhere, safe in the knowledge that Beano will prevent gas before it even starts. ...

Was it God sent or WHAT?!!!

Anyway, the stinkers kept coming, all the way into the night. Thank goodness the winds have passed for now.


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