Main Entry: doppelganger
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: a ghostly double of a living person
Etymology: German doppel `double' + ganger `goer'

I have this evil twin, and though I can't really see the similarities, I guess the fact that the number of people who have commented that we look alike, or have mistaken us for each other, makes it undeniable that I have some cosmic link with Hewyk. (not his real name). Once, in Jusco, one of his consultants spent about 5 minutes talking to me, before realising I wasn't Hewyk. My dad has pointed to a photo of him, remarking that "I" looked really drunk. Hewyk turns a brilliant shade of crimson with one drink. His own mother-in-law thought he had put on 5kg overnight, when she mistook him for me. Oh, lest that pic be mistaken as a same sex wedding picture, ....there are actually two others in that pic, and I cropped it, just to show the subject matter.

Anyway, we've had many such encounters, but what happened last Thursday was quite bizarre. My combat instructor asked me if I had a brother or if I myself worked out in Fitness First, Leisure Mall. I said, nooooolah, but there is a guy who gets mistaken for me, but I seriously doubt he would have been in LM, let alone WORKING OUT there. Nevertheless, I text Hewyk to ask if he has been lurking around LM by any chance, cos someone saw someone who looks like us in the gym. Immediately, he calls me, to tell me, that no less than 5 minutes before, HE had gotten a call from his contractor, asking him if he/or his twin, works out in TRUE FITNESS!!!! Weird huh.

Oh, even funnier still, was that my instructor was almost sure this lookalike WAS me, and was wondering I never acknowledged him, and he actually walked past the twin, and muttered my name, to see if there was any response.

Speaking of instructors, I met a new one on Friday, in body pump, after several failed attempts. I think there is something nerve wracking about having an instructor know your name, and being able to single you out by name in class.... I swear the fler made me nervous. There's this clean and press (or is it cling and press? I can never quite figure out what they say sometimes), which involves a smooth movement of lifting the barbells from your knees to above your head.
Usually, I am pretty sure I do follow the "one line" movement, ie, basically the bar follows a straight axis, parallel to your body, up and down. (see pic)

Anyway, as I was doing this, at that split second, I caught the eye of the instructor, and IMMEDIATELY i could feel that bar swerve from the axis, and of COURSE, ack, I hear my new found instructor announcing, "[my name], one straight line"...... fortunately, he could be speaking to anyone in that class, as no one else there knows my name. It was a great class anyways, and he's gotten himself a regular, as and when I can attend, that is.


Chipmunkrock said…
ooh i like the picture..it looks spooky...!

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