Again, my body combat instructor today remarked how uncannily similar my supposed twin is with me, in terms of appearance. He said the similarity was 95%. NINETY FIVE PERCENT?!!!! Heck, even flesh and blood of mine doesnt come anywhere near. And the other evil twin, (refer earlier blog), I'd give a max of 50% if at all. So, 95% is quite alarming. i remember in the musical, BLOOD BROTHERS, they said that when twins are separated at birth, and they find out LATER that they are twins, one will surely die. Hmm, or is it both. Great musical, that one.

He (combat instructor) suggested I go to leisure mall to check out this phenomena myself, but alas, I have no passport, for Fitness First. Now that I've managed to switch my 2nd Astro decoder to the "2nd decoder pay 50% offer", I have a monthly saving of about RM40, which theoretically I could use to upgrade my membership to passport. But is it worth paying RM40 per month, just to check out this phenomena? GASP, another thought just crossed my mind. WHAT IF......noooo, unthinkable, what IF, one parent was naughty at some point in time? It could be pre marital...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH....the plot thickens. Much like my waist.


all-aboard! said…
Why don't you ask your instructor to tell your twin about this phenomenon, and then ask your twin if HE has a passport.. and encourage him to come to MJH to have a look at ya.
Chipmunkrock said…
or could it be you have a common face? :D
fatboybakes said…
me, common face??? haardllly lah. ok, the face, maybbeeee lah, but he said 95% wor, NINETY FIVE...that's almost like down to the mole on my arse, if i had one.

and as for asking the fler to come over to MJH, yar, i did suggest that to the instructor, but the instructor donno him wor, and it sounds like a kinda weird thing to ask right. "hey, you, you should go to MJH cos there's your long lost identical twin lurking there".
jaytea said…
haiyah... tak payah beli passport-lah...
if the 2 of you have 95% similarity in facial and body contour, then you probably would be able to get away with "being" each other at cheras and midvalley respectively.

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