Believe or not?!!! Well, my latest addiction is Scrabble with the computer; its pretty neat, because it evaluates the scores for you, checks if words exist, etc. And you can play against various skill levels...... when you play against a MASTER, woah, all sorts of weird words appear, and the two letter words, like nu, xi, qi, (my favourite), aa, ee, oo. So anyway, i had the letters to do the word BICEP, on a TRIPLE WORD SCORE..... so confidently plonking them tiles on, only to find out, TETTTTTT, no such word. HOWWWWW CANNNN THAT BE?!!!!

anyway, of course i check the online dictionary, thinking my version of Scrabble was faulty. Afterall, it was purchased from Low Yat Plaza. there really is no such thing. the proper term is biceps, with an S. one biceps, many biceps oso.

Which brings me to yesterday's body pump class. Bye bye Lisa, although you don't know me, you really made Monday's pump class a highlight, and i have truly enjoyed it. She even gave us chocolates to say goodbye. I was thinking, aiyo, we should be giving her something, not vice versa. Oh well, there are other instructors to get to know I guess.

Oh, I've been just told by the a very good doctor friend of mine that exercise and diet alone are not enough, as after 6 months, the body adjusts accordingly, to your genetic disposition. (no, i didn't consult a doctor specifically, I was just chatting online) Now isn't that just plain depressing!!!!! He recommends something called REDUCTIL, but hmmmm, I'm not really sure I want to ingest anything that I'll get addicted to. Not like I'm parading the bod around anyways.


shades said…
I'm sure Sue will continue to light up your day. Just make sure you stand in front coz she's rather small compared to me... then again, most ppl look small compared to me! :P

Biceps, triceps, Quadraceps, etc.. all got "s"
Chipmunkrock said…
biceps is plural "bi" = 2!The biceps originate at the scapula at 2 places..hence the "bi"...
fatboybakes said…
well, if got bison, bisexual, bidet, bigot, bishop, i tot sure got singular for biceps lor.

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