Whatever Became Of Them?

Ever had people who've been quite prominent in your life in some way or another, only later on to lose touch, and worse still, have no idea where they are or what they're doing? I usually pride myself in keeping my friends, but still, some have fallen by the wayside of my address book, and I wonder whatever became of them.

1. I forget his name - it was in 1980; we were at the Royal Military College, going for our entrance interviews and tests. For some reason, I had to attend the session meant for the east coast states, ie, Pahang, Kelantan & Terengganu, which meant, there was no way that I would have known anyone, let alone speak the lingo. It was the three most lonely days of my then young life; no one was particularly friendly, except this one chap, who was in the bunk next to mine. He had a very kind demeanour, very caring, very gentle, and when I look back at that time, I regret not having made the effort to keep in touch. He didn't make it into RMC, as I did, so I never got to see him again. I would love to meet up with him, and thank him. Can anyone help me? Malay chap, born 1965, from Terengganu.

2. Fiona Fam - my first "pen pal". When I was in the boarding school, (RMC), communication with the outside world was scarce, and precious. Her letters kept me entertained, in an otherwise male dominion, and she was the first person I shared the gospel with through snail mail. She subsquently became a Christian, and moved to Perth. Oddly enough, I met her sister, in Sydney, but have never met her. I wonder what became of Fiona.

3. Chew Chin Tiong - My best friend from primary school, and the only one from St John's Primary School II that I actually kept in touch with, up to as recently as 1991-92. Being young, rash, and foolish, and not realising the value of friendship, this may have been one of the friendships that I inadvertently purposely killed, by hurtful words and actions. Hey, if you ever read this, please forgive me.

4. K.W. Low - Lower secondary mates, bus mates, and CF mates. (christian fellowship). Shared our initial Christian struggles, such as parental objections, denied permission to go for bible study, etc. Kinda made a loose pact that we'll wait for each other to get baptised. But lost touch over the course of time. Heard he's in Singapore. (how can THAT be a good thing)

Oh well. Hope to meet up with you guys someday.


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