When Your "Wife" Doesn't Know What You Do (For A Living)

Here's to you Calpurnia.

Calpurnia is my "stage wife", in a time long forgotten, when I played the role of Augustus Caesar, and she Calpurnia, for an easter play. (which incidentally, was a disaster of epic proportions). Now, Calpurnia is an exceedingly attractive lass. Tall, talented, and enough energy to light up a whole village in a 3rd world country. Recently, Calpurnia and I were "reunited" and renewed our acquaintance, after a hiatus of about 5,6 years. And it appears, all these years, her impression of me was restricted to a grape eating, hedonistic, couch reclining potato of sorts. Therefore, she was quite surprised to stumble across the secret diaries of Caesar, ie, this blog, to discover that there was more to her "husband" than she previously thought. Not a great deal more, but more, nevertheless.

Heck, after all these years, she doesn't even know what I did for a living. But actually, having said that, I can hardly blame her. I am one of those sad people whose job is purely for sustenance. Bad enough that I started off on the wrong footing, as a CIVIL ENGINEER. i cannot think of any profession MORE boring, (okaylah, maybe accountants and auditors come a close second) nor filled with MORE boring personalities.

I recently attended a focus group kinda thing, which was like a creativity seminar, great fun, for a particular demographic, for research for a particular product. As an ice breaker, we were to introduce the person on our right, and create a profile for them. My introducer said I probably ran my own business (true), and I was either in advertising, (false), journalism (false) or running my own scuba diving shop (false). Now, the TRAGEDY of this is, all those three things ARE really things that I would have loved to do. I know, I know, instead of moping and whining, why don't I just do it? Some would prescribe therapy, (seems to be the cure all for some) some would say to pursue your dreams. But alas, in reality, its easier said than done, especially when you are responsible for bringing home the bacon, with mouths to feed, and children to educate.

So, my dream is to strike a big deal, the size of a pig farm, which will ensure the constant flow of bacon, which will subsequently allow me to pursue my dreams. Which as I get older, are getting dimmer and dimmer, I have to say.


jesscet said…
I don't know about the other two but with your flair for writing, observant and curious nature, a journalist you can be. The only problem is the job's pay cannot bring u lots of bacon..

Its hard to have the best of both worlds aint it? Sometime i wish to get the pay figure (at least 3-4 times mine) some of my peers are earning, but guess i am having my dream job. Well,you can always try freelancing... ;)
shades said…
I am sort of in a similar position... I'm enjoying my part time work a lot more but my day job is contributing 60% of my income. If I were to go full time teaching, I dunno if I could last, with age catching up.

I do agree- you write very well. Maybe can send your articles to the Star/NST/Sun?

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