Appeasing the Culinaria Crowd

The reason there's more on gym-ing than baking is coz I go to gym 5,6 times a week, but only bake once a week. Furthermore, sometimes the baking stuff is repeated, so well, an apple pie is an apple pie; I can now see why it's not so easy to be Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver. The stress of having to come up with something new all the time!!!!!

Anyway, yesterday being tuesday, meant no gym, (unless there's a favourite instructor replacing the regular body combat instructor on tuesdays, at the 6.45 slot); I have been wondering what to do with the bag of walnuts and tub of sour cream that were nearing the expiry date. Walnuts, when they go rancid, have this awful bitterish, bad oil, taste, as do all nuts when they go off. The problem with having like 130 recipe books is, you can never remember which recipe you saw where. One day, when I'm really bored, or have extracted my wisdom tooth, am on MC, and have watched all episodes of Desperate Housewives, Frasier, Raymond, and have no DVDs left unwatched, and the kids are off to university, I might just consider indexing all the recipes. eg, Pig's trotters in sour vinegar for confinement - Pg 33, Amy Beh Book II, or something like that. or Sauteed Bull's Balls - p45, Mexicana Culinaria. But Sauteed Bulls Balls should come under "B", coz sauteed is quite generic.

Ok, back to near expiry sour cream, and walnuts. Anyway, as luck would have it, by the 3rd book, I had more or less found a recipe that looked quite good. I had in mind a coffee walnut cake kinda thing, but didn't know where the sour cream would figure. I found a Sour Cream Walnut Crumble Cake, recipe, which had relatively low butter content; which made me have my doubts. TCALSS, (to cut a long story short), I modified the recipe a bit, and added coffee as well, (but only a teaspoon full, coz my sister has like zero tolerance to caffeine after midday), and if I may say so myself, it turned out rather good.

The blob of white stuff on top of the cake is pure cream, 45% milk fat, which is as good a reverse liposuction. Use sparingly. But, the reason pure cream tastes so good on cakes is because it negates the sweetness and complements it very well. The Sour Cream Coffee Walnut Crumble Cake contains a layer of walnut crumble in the middle, and on top.

The cake goes really well with coffee, black, no sugar; that way, you dont need to slap on the 45% milk fat pure cream as a complement. Haha, my dad's eyes popped out when he saw the 45% milk fat label. He's very health conscious, eats like a bird, (sparrow, not vulture), doesnt eat desserts, eats rabbit food for breakfast, AND STILL HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!! Oh, he exercises as well.


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