Bacon, by any other name, is still bacon, no?

Wasn't going to write anything coz nothing blogworthy occured in the last 24 hours; well, I did host dinner at home for some old dear friends; it's always nice to be around old dear friends, when you don't have to worry about conversation, where sarcasm is the order of the day, and where you know they'll be blunt enough to tell you if you have body odour, or bad breath.

But, entry from M&M jolted me from blogethargy; apparently, famous pork rib franchise is coming to town. Tony Romas. But, since the franchisees sound very very bumiputra, there is a 99% chance that the menu will not include any creatures that go oink. Not that it really bothers me, I've found Tony Romas okaylah, nothing to particularly gaga over. What surprises me is, if they really are going to be porcine free, why bring in the franchise at all? It's like bringing in a Haagen Daz franchise and say sorry, we're selling roti canai, not ice cream. Or Dunkin Donuts saying, sorry, no donuts, only coffee ;) .

I can't understand some people's fascination for substitution. Let's take for example BACON. Defined in the dictionary as, The salted and smoked meat from the back and sides of a PIG. So why do our hotels and restaurants insist on calling it BEEF BACON? Why not call it THINLY SLICED SMOKED BEEF? Chinese vegetarians are another lot. Look at the array of vegetarian stuff. Vegetarian chicken, pork, prawn, fish, every conceivable animal under heaven. Why ah? Whereas the indian vegetarians I don't think bother to replicate dead animals. Dahl is dahl, and not turned into vegetarian beluga caviar. Or maybe sago is a better example.

Oh well, as I commented in M&M's blog, if they are gonna kosher-ise Tony Romas here, they might as well change the name, to Bulu Romas or something along that vein. By the way, has anyone been affected by the recent very unsubtle price hike of a LOT of stuff???? Phwah, my last grocery shopping day hit me in the face like an oncoming train.


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