The Fruit of My Loins

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

I am not sure if the above is a sexist verse, or is the term "Sons" generic for offspring, like Man is for mankind.
Anyway, I am veering off the unspoken pact I made with myself, when I embarked on this bloggaventure, that I shall keep the blog strictly impersonal, with no references to my personal life. I guess I shattered that confidence ages ago, by referrring to pregnancy test kits and stuff.

I have this ritual, ever since my daughter came of age, of bringing them to the coffee shop with me on friday mornings. From age 2 to 3, they'll follow me to the coffee shop, until they go to kindergaten. From 1999 - 2001, it was the daughter who followed me. From 2002-2003, it was the first son, and from 2004 to now, it is the youngest. They all differ vastly in their personalities, but the one thing they have in common is, they love their food. In contrast to my sister's children, who consider mealtimes worse than the Spanish Inquisition. Their sizes all reflect this. My sister, who's slim as a rake, has kids who are likewise, whilst mine, well, shall we just say, are ideal candidates for Philip Wain for kids. So, children all take after their mothers.

Daughter (apple of father's eye) - Started speaking at 1½, first words were "flower". (apart from papa and mama). Very determined young lass, could use chopsticks by the time she was 3 or 4, could swim without floats at 3, virtually taught herself how to roller blade and to cycle, loves drawing, enjoys sums, and loves noodles. Had the temperament of a diva, and tantrums that would make me blush. Has been the major recipient of the cane, as parents, I think, tend to be stricter with the first kid. Over the years, (she's almost 7), her tantrums have thankfully more or less vanished, and overall, a well behaved, responsible girl.

Son No 1 - G6PD. Enzyme deficiency common amongst Asian males, making them allergic to mothballs, broad beans, certain chinese herbs, aspirin, etc. Has an uncommon interest in mechanical stuff, knew his entire range of fans at very young age. Oscillating, ventilation, stand, table, ceiling, exhaust. And will loudly proclaim at inopportune time and place, PAPA, WHY IS THAT FAN SO DIRTY? (at friend's houses, coffee shops etc). Currently obsessed with fish and filters, and knows more about aquarium fish than I. (which is not a lot la). A gourmet of sorts, loves havarti cheese, pesto sauce (with his pasta), must have freshly grated cheese on pasta, loves green tea ice cream. Recognises most herbs, eg, knows that Rosemary goes with Lamb, and Basil goes with pesto. Has the attention span of a goldfish for topics he is not interested in, like writing, drawing, piano. Could swim at age 3, without floats. Scaredy cat, unwilling to try anything new, so still cannot use chopsticks, ride a bike, or roller blade. A bit of a cry baby. Lets the younger brother bully him. Likes to refer to people by their "roles". Asked his mother, "Mummy, where is your husband gone?". When I asked him to wish his grandfather good morning, he asks me, "Have YOU wished your father yet?". Announced recently that he loves Father God and Jesus more than he loves me.

Son No 2 - Even in the ultrasound in the womb, the gynae had pointed out his chubby cheeks. Had to be induced on Sept 10, coz we didn't want to risk Sept 11. (I mean, the event is KNOWN as Sept 11. Unlike WW II, or Battle of Hastings, which has no real date that people remember). Current favourite is roti canai, with lots of dahl. Started swimming without floats at age 2, has always been a water baby of sorts. Toilet trained at 1½, so we're still stuck with large stock of Large Pampers. Loves dinosaurs, and ultraman. Roll eyes. Expected him to the first to start speaking, but aiyo, at 3 years, still quite ineloquent. Speaks with cockney accent. "Dahl is 'ot". Has the grammar of a 2 year old. F=ma, so, since "m" is significant, he does pack quite a punch. Beware if he's running towards you, for he has succeeded in toppling my sister. Better to assume the position of goalie, with feet firmly entrenched in ground, if you see this human cannonball headed your way. Has a temper, and bullies the elder siblings, and gets away with it. Constantly leaves scratches on brother's face. Could do with diet, and maybe body combat.

Kid no 4 - So far causing the mother a lot of nausea.


all-aboard! said…
what a WONDERFUL, heartwarming blogtroduction to your kids!

I think the size of the children is determined by your side of the family.

Picking my favourite description of your kids from your narrative, I'd say that Yen2 is a "determined lass", Aun2 has "uncommon interest in mechanical stuff", and Yang2 is a "human cannonball headed your way".
jesscet said…
oooh! wanted to congratulate you and your wife (guess i wont mention her name here lah) in person but I didn't go church today.

So CONGRATULATIONS to the 4th-time parents-to-be! wow, i think u guys are the first (maybe only) peers of mine who has FOUR kids! :D

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