Argh. Rushed all the way back from the Marriott, where I was attending a "workshop", and debated if I should get the driver to drop me off at Menara John Hancock at 6.23, OR, go home first, change, and head to MJH for the body pump class scheduled at 6.45. Well, as it happens, I decided to do the latter, and arrived at MJH at 6.40, only to be told, before I even reached the studio, that the pump class was full. GROAN. Bad enough I missed my regular combat class yesterday, had to miss the regular pump class today. Anyway, exhausted from the workshop, I didn't really have the mood to stay on to play with the machines, so I left, making it two consecutive exercise-less days. I am oridi feeling the endorphin withdrawal syndrome.

However, my misfortune was a the fortune of others, for it meant, well, I could prepare supper for my cell group. Which I did. A bacon mushroom quiche. (see blog sometime in early August, for similar picture or recipe). Everytime I make the BMQ, there seems to be a big turnout at cell group; so its well worth it. Since today's CG was in Tmn Tan Yew Lai, I couldnt even attend the inaugural Friday body combat class at 7.50pm with my favourite instructor. Whine whine whine.

Good nite world. Will have to hit the gym for sure tomorrow.


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