Gym-ing With Friends ....Pays Off

I JUST got a call from Fitness First. My first thought was, uh oh, my credit card is over the limit, and the subscription didn't go through. But, as it turns out, bringing the two boys and a girl to the gym yesterday, entitled us to a lucky draw for 3 months free membership; chances of me winning a lucky draw is as good as a 70 year old woman getting pregnant, so, when the lady told me I had won the three month free membership, I shrieked in delight, like a schoolgirl who'd just got her first date to the prom. Disgraceful I know. But what the heck, the last time I won anything in a lucky draw was when I was working for contractor, and had to attend this host of sou kong chou, (end of the year annual dinner), where I was on a roll. That was in 1992. Won a philips cake mixer, (which was in cold storage until the advent of my baking hobby, in 2001), a portable cd player, (which those days cost a fortune), a midi hi fi, ... hmm, what else.... anyway, yar, so, thanks, guys, and sister, for coming yesterday. Also to the instructor who gave me the incentive to come. (I don't usually go for body combat on tuesdays).


shades said…

Talk to you more when I reach KL...

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