Gym-ing With Friends

I've never really been to the gym with friends before. People I meet there are hardly considered "friends", though after 1 year of familiarity, it probably is more than just a hallo, but as far as my social circle goes, hardly any go to the gym. Which makes me wonder, am I gonna be the only one living when the rest of my peers have keeled over with heart attacks, lumbago and whatever else??

Anyway, yesterday, Fitness First in John Hancock had their group exercise launch, which shades has been talking about in other centres. Two of my dear friends and one sister (actually, my one and only) came along for the launch. Actually, it was necessary to bring someone (non FF member) to ensure a place in the class, as many disgruntled regulars discovered. Anyway, my 3 guests were there in full force, though one threatened cancellation coz he had forgotten his gear. My favourite combat instructor, Calvin, was co-instructing with another chap, Ben, (who happenes to be I think my first ever combat instructor), which was incentive enough for me to ensure I secured a place.

Well, as it turns out, my friend, whom we shall just call Tony, (might not be his real name), disappeared half way. I was kinda worried that he might have passed out in the toilet or something, but since there were no signs of ambulance sirens, I just continued with the class. The other friend, aka my evil twin, was smarter, and paced himself to last the entire duration. Of course, his punches wouldnt have hurt a fly; but at least he lasted. Now, "Tony" has the waistline of a 20 something year old. Apparently his wife doesn't allow him to let his waist go beyong 32", so I am not sure how he maintains that girth. My point is, you can be slim, but certainly not fit.

Anyway, I have to say the cool down track for this new release is SUPERB. Makes the 55 minutes of suffering earlier just melt away, and as my sis puts it, makes you want to do the moves properly. Apparently, its music from the Last Samurai and Lord of the Rings.

Promptly added back all lost calories as it was my nephew's birthday, and had a slice of my tiramisu, which I have to say, is rather yummy. He's into ultraman; and since most cake shops cheat anyway, these days, we oso cheat lah, and just plonk two ultraman figurines onto the cake, for decoration. The cake consists of a coffee chiffon sponge, drenched in kahlua, interspersed with layers of mascarporne cream. The bottom layer also has a layer of choc chip sprinkled liberally across the base. The topping are the caramelised almonds, that take forever to make.


all-aboard! said…
Aiyo... you're starting them young... giving them a taste for alcohol?!

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