In the Face of Combat

People usually learn martial arts for self defence, or to pummel the school bully. Some take up boxing, to ensure they reap the critical illness benefits of their insurance policy. Body combat in the gym? Supposedly a combination of martial arts, kickboxing and boxing. Does it afford us any protection, or is it just for women to look good when they enter tribal competitions? I can almost envisage the scenario, if accosted in the parking lot by a mugger. First instincts would be to use some of those jab crosses or even a flying kick, to scare the mugger. But how lah? No music? No rhythm? Would it be feasible to tell the mugger, "excuse me, hangon ah, let me turn on the music first", and then go "HEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHH SOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and upper cut him on his lower jaw? Can lah, I think. But what if the music is the wrong music leh? Suddenly got Straus's Blue Danube waltz. Aiyo, might as well give your money and carkeys up straightaway. Moral of the story? If you are learning these gym classes, make sure you have the correct music at hand always.


shades said…
If Straus's Blue Danube waltz, can always switch to Body Balance :)

The mugger won't expect that!

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