LIfe Without Class

True to my word, I did NOT go for any gym class yesterday, despite it being part of my normal routine. Anyway, I took to my old love, (love may not be the correct word; its somewhere in between like and love...loike?) jogging in lake gardens. Now, these gardens have many memories for me, and up until I joined Fitness First last year, it was my usual hangout, for exercise. In that 1½ years, the gardens have been spruced up tremendously. Repaved jogging tracks, interlocking blocks for the embankment of the lake, landscaped gardens, more fake waterfalls.

I'm not sure what distance I covered, but I know it's at least 3.5km lah. Very enjoyable. Might start running regularly again. Need to buy a good pair of running shoes, my current nikes are laughing oridi, and the gym pair is strictly for gym, and has to be unsoiled by real earth. Any advice? The picture shows my jogging path, starting (green arrow) at lake club. I don't know how to insert arrows in the directions, but basically it was anti clockwise in the bigger loop, then anti clockwise again in the smaller loop. Oh, no no, hangon, its anti clockwise on the bigger loop only until the lake, and then I do the smaller loop around the lake, before heading back to Lake Club.


jesscet said…
Reminds me of the good old days i went jogging (occasionally) or walking with my dad in the good old Lake Garden, some times followed by char kuey teow at Lake Club. :D Well, that's before we moved into the far suburb of Cheras! Are there more people using the tracks these days compared to say 5 years ago?
Chipmunkrock said…
Saucony, New Balance and Asics are good running shoes. Nike is over priced because of their marketing and Adidas is a bit heavy. I swear by Saucony, it's the best running shoes ever..I own >10 pairs and NOT 1 has given me a blister. ONly problem is they are changing distributor so it's not easily available in the market. Try New Balance, they have a shop in 1U.Dont look for bargains, be prepared to invest in a good pair, middle range.It's important esp if you have knee problems etc.

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