Like Sands Through An Our Glass, So Too The Days of Our Lives

Time really flies. September is almost over, December will be upon us, and as usual, on Dec 1, out come the Christmas CDs for the car. By the time it's Christmas, I'd be so overdosed on carols, so I can with clear conscience put away the CDs in cold storage for the next 11 months. I was reminded that the fasting month begins in 2 weeks time. As I listen to the ticking of my biological clock, I wonder .... I wonder .... where I'll throw my 40th birthday party. (next year, november)

The weekend was comfortable, not TOO much activity to render me zombified, but not so boring as to make me want to be zombified. On Friday, I was in a dilemma, whether to go for body combat, or body pump. My constraint was time; not stamina (ahem); as I had to prepare supper for my cell group, which included baking a birthday cake for two of our members, (baked a lemon sourcream pistachio photos), and a luncheon meat quiche. (also no pictures). The dilemma had mainly to do with the instructors. I enjoy both instructors, so which one to pick. Decisions, decisions, on a friday night. I much prefer the old days, when the decisions were, "Where are we drinking tonight".

As it turns out, my dilemma was solved, coz the body combat instructor had to bail at the last minute, leaving the body pump instructor to cover for him. I've always wanted to try the pump instructor teaching combat, so that more or less solved THAT problem. But arriving at the gym, I was greeted with some not so encouraging news.

One the the personal trainers said that I shouldn't attend so many classes. SOB SOB SOB!!! And should have a more rounded regime of weights, (those cold, icy, metallic, lifeless contraptions), and limit myself to THREE classes a week. Currently I do about 5-6; ie, 2-3 body pump, and 3-4 body combat. The truth of the matter is, I enjoy it. Exercise becomes much more bearable if you enjoy it. The trainer said the weights were necessary to build up muscle groups. Heck, I thought that's what body pump does. Aiya, don't care lah, just do what I enjoy la. It's better than doing nothing at all.

Talking about enjoyable, (yes, the combat class under the pump instructor was enjoyable, and at least I wasn't singled out by name), strange how in school, when boxing training was compulsory, and of course, free of charge, it wasn't enjoyable at all. In form 4, boxing was compulsory. Stupid right, getting a bunch of adolescents with raging hormones to beat the daylights out of each other. Now, in boxing, the objective (there anyway) is to get yourself to the lowest possible weight. I was a Bantam. It was gruelling. For some reason, there was a belief that drinking water after exercise made your stomach weak. We lived in medieval times. And our man made sauna; consisted of wrapping all of us in blankets, and chucking us into a store room, packed like sardines; they'd leave a candle burning, to test for oxygen supply. (when i say "they", i meant the seniors). They'd drop that steel ball (the size of a football) onto our stomachs to see if our stomach muscles were getting stronger. Hence, beneath this chubby facade, is a person who has known much pain and hardship.

Talk about nothing better to say!!!!


Chipmunkrock said…
i hated running when i was in school and would always make excuses to skip PE!

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