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It's been one of those weekends that makes me almost glad it's Monday. Busy busy busy. From the word go, after fong kong (leave work) on Friday, till last night, it has been one thing after another.

Let's start with Friday. Got home, quickly made some pizza dough for cell group later, then rushed off to the gym, for body pump class, instructed by that "shady" character. Dunno if anyone noticed the traces of flour on my red reebok shirt. This week, got to the gym with time to spare, and happened to be standing at the front of a newly formed queue for registration, so was well assured of a place in the class. During the chest track, (for the un-informed, body pump is a cardio weight exercise, using weights, to supposedly tone up the body, from the thighs, to the chest, to the back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and errrr...ass), suddenly I hear the instructor refer to the NIPPLE LINE. Dunno where THAT came from. Anyway, I have already shared my views about nipple lines in an earlier entry, but I had to bite my lip from bursting out laughing. Meanwhile, I thought of how to assist my non nipple line problem. Introducing, TA DAH, the nipple marker.

Since women have their mammaries, and can quite easily see where the bar should go, guys should have some marker as well. Anyway, the contraption on the left is a simple, brilliant device that the guy can just strap over his tits, and very very accurately pinpoint the nipple line. Thank you, thank you, save your applause all.

The other interesting thing I noted was the term French Press, during the triceps workout. Why is it the French have proprietary rights on so many things? French kiss, french cap, french fries, french press...I wonder how it got that name. Maybe its a movement the guillotine operators used.

Rushed back after a satisfying pump class, to prepare pizzas for the BS group. Bacon and mushroom topping, with a pesto base for one, and a tomatoey base for the other. After bible study, (which was led by me), had to bake a cake for kid's birthday the next day.

Saturday - Kid no 3's birthday. Usual coffee shop ritual with the two boys, as girl has school. The garmen schools are like trying to replace that last week of school after the raya deepavali week, so every saturday from now till then, is a school day. What a royal pain, (especially for wife, who has to wake up to send the kid to school). I dont recall ever having to go to school on saturday, in my primary days.

Went for body combat class, with one of my favourite instructors. He's very generous, I'm sure its only meant to be a 45 minute class, but he gives us the full hour anyway. Got back, and proceeded to decorate the birthday cake for kid's birthday. His current interests are dinosaurs, and ultraman. Anyway, can't have your cake and eat it too, so decided on the dinosaur theme, so this was the end result.

After the kids party, we had an APHRODISIAC themed party to attend. What a great idea. All foods with aphrodisiac qualities. But apart from the host & hostess, no one ELSE there really needed aphrodisiacs, for they were all single. What a waste. We learnt that the aphrodisiac for an oyster, is plankton. Does it then stand to reason that we can bypass the oyster and just eat plankton? Avocados are also aphros, because they are shaped like testicles, and asparagus, of course, is a phallic symbol.

Moving on, I then adjourned to Asian Heritage Row, for a friend's birthday, at the Ivy. Finally got to bed at about 4am. My my, I do have the energy of an 18 year old.

Sunday - Paying dearly for the late night. Zombie-fied through most of the day, but managed to stay awake throughout the sermon at church, because the speaker was quite captivating. Had to attend a committee meeting in the afternoon. Dinner at night.

Thank God it's Monday.


shades said…
Actually for chest track, as long as you keep your elbows slightly lower than your shoulder, you should be fine.

Great idea about the nipple marker though...

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