Before I slag her off, let me qualify that FC is one of my oldest and dearest friends; I've known her for 22 years now. One thing that hasn't changed over the years, is her horrific abruptness in communication. When she was working, she used to answer the phone with what barely sounded like a "hallo", but more of a "growl".

Anyway, this morning, way before I arose from slumber, I receive that familiar DIT DIT tone; so I read the sms which said, "Can get tickets for storm. Want to bring kids." Now, BECAUSE I know this woman, I know it's unlikely she's telling me that SHE is organising an outing of such epic proportions. Just to be SURE, I reply, "is that a question, or a statement? Tickets are scarce to come by". Another endearingly exasperating trait is how long she takes to reply an sms, or email. (actually, her mailbox has been full for the last 6 months). An hour or so later, she replies, "nx wk lah. kids got cheap tickets right? am free tues, wed". What the heck does that mean????? Does she want ME to organise this? WHAT??? Speak to me lady.


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