Should Blogs Stay Focused?

I wonder, when people read blogs, do they read particular blogs because a particular subject matters, or do people actually enjoy reading a whole cornucopia of unrelated stuff, from a baby's first poo, to a dying man's last fart.

I personally read blogs that fall into these categories : 1. good friend's, who are on the same frequency, 2. some political ones, 3. gym/exercise related ones, 4. some religious ones. Anything else can be probably categorised as dribble.

I was thinking, therefore, to split my own blog into 3 categories, fatboybakes, which of course, is fat related, fatboygyms, which is sweat related, and fatboyejaculates, which is wet related. (esp in the context of archimedes). That way, I stand a better chance of being selected in Project Petaling Street under best blog category. Of course, once I've established my following, I'll start a whole series, fatboypreach (for the sinners, like me), fatboyteach (for the ignorant, who don't know the value of Pi), fatboyreach, (for the friendless and suicidal), fatboyitch (for dermatological problems), fatboystuck (for constipation problems).....the possibilities are endless. Oooh, the stress of having to stay fat.

I had two meetings that were cancelled this morning.....hence, the waffling.


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