Toilet Reading

It never occured to me that blogs could be toilet reading, but well, apparently, it can be.

This is an excerpt from an email I got from an old school friend:
So ... I Do enjoy your blog ... and would love it more - excellent reading material whilst in the you-know-where (this wireless gizmo is such heaven sent ....!!) ....

I can't imagine people reading their laptops while entertaining the call of nature. They must have big laps, to begin with. I would live in mortal fear of dropping the contraption into the toilet. I hear stories of mobile phones dropping into bowls, especially the squat loos in public toilets. Speaking of the call of nature, recently I'm finding that after body combat or body pump, I have this inexplicable ringing in my ear(figurative), which makes me have to answer the call. Maybe its the psyllium husk I'm taking, but I go like 3 times a day. Which makes me wonder. A very dear friend of mine, female, goes only once every 3 days. And according to her, only about 3 inches worth max comes out. Poor woman. Talk about being full of crap!!! I can do it everywhere, anytime. Even in aeroplanes. A bit constricted, but can. Which brings me to my next topic. Aeroplanes.

Today I got parked aeroplane by my friday boys lunch buddies. (fong fei kei). We occasionally meet at 1pm, at Mid Valley Megamall on Fridays, for boys lunch. It's the male equivalent of Sex and the City. I knew they were gonna be late today, when at 12.50, I get an sms telling me one of em was still in meeting. Anyway, I trot over to MVM, browse around MPH, Carrefour. They are having this contest in Carrefour, where you insert some card in to determine if you've won anything. Like a Jackpot machine. Usually, the reading is, TRY AGAIN TOMORROW. The main prize is 2 tickets to Australia. (by plane, presumably). The queue for the machine, sheesh, you'd think they were giving out free condoms.

Anyway, at 1.20, I get a call saying they were just leaving Tmn Technology, and should be there by 1.40. At 1.25, I get a call saying THEY HAVE A FLATTTTTT!!!!!! Aiyo, a flat in this weather. My sympathies. But, I didn't drive to MVM, and wasn't due to be picked up till 2.20. I wasn't about to waste 1 hour lepakking in the mall. So I got a cab. It is VERY easy to get cabs during the middle of lunch hour, esp on fridays. There is a long cab queue with no passengers. My cabbie happens to enjoy upbeat tamil music. It's quite addictive, the beat. I find myself actually tapping to the rhythm, and even shaking my head. Soon, I was to shake my head in disbelief at the cab fare. RM5!!! FIVE RINGGIT to get from mvm to bangsar. And this is metered.

Could have had any of the following for RM5. Half a haircut, at my usual barber. 4 bowls of cendol, with corn. A bowl of noodles plus drink in coffee shop. 6 pieces of roti canai. Late payment penalty for late credit card payment. 5 charsiew paus. 2½ tai paus. Underwear, from pasar malam. Battery operated lantern, with ultraman, from pasar malam. 2 kg duku langsat. 5 visits to the gold class toilet in KLCC. 13 visits to a normal toilet in places that charge.

Oh well...... I shall just have to forego the 13 visits to pay loos, and just do it in a plastic bag and throw it into the dustbin.


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