When Routines Get Messed Up...

I had originally planned to bring the kid for his favourite roti canai breakfast this morning, since he's home alone; usually my folks are around to entertain him, and his cousin comes over as well, but the folks are on that fabulous Mastercard package to Angkor Wat. 4 days 3 nights stay at the Sofitel, (where Angelina Jolie also parks herself) plus airfare, on MAS, for about RM1430-00. Inclusive of all taxes, fuel surcharge, breakfast, transfers, one dinner.

But roti canai went down the drain, coz had to do something else. I guess the kid could do with some dieting anyway.

But, as far as routines go, sigh, my plans for body combat class today are also in peril, as someone went and scheduled a meeting for me at 4.30pm. BC is at 5.40pm. In fact, I had planned to go for pump AND combat, from 4.45pm. That's out the window. And, this friday, I can't attend my regular pump class EITHER, coz I have tickets for the MPO. (Msian Philharmonic Orchestra). Bummer.

And next week will be even worse. I have these overseas clients, and will be tied up with them Thurs, Fri, Sat and possibly Sunday. Blech.


all-aboard! said…
you really do live for them Group X classes, don't you?

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