Becoming Shallower & Mellower With Age

A dear friend, one of the few women that I am actually scared of, told me that I hardly open up anymore. No more D&M (deep and meaningful) conversations. I asked her if it ever occured to her that I was just shallow.

Truth of the matter is, I can't recall having a D&M with anyone for the longest time now. The advent of yahoo chat, msn messenger and sms-es has rendered my telephone conversation skills to that of old man with TB. As I hardly go out alone with anyone, there really isn't any "bonding" per se, and even if there was, I wonder what I'd talk about. What constitutes D&M these days? I mean, when we were younger, we might perhaps share our ideals, our dreams, our criteria for that life partner, moan about our rejections, failures in relationships, broken hearts, etc. These days, at dinners, conversations revolve around health, the best cholestrol medication, kids schools, gyms, places to eat, shows to watch, etc. (in carey bradshaw tone) DO WE REALLY BECOME SHALLOWER WITH AGE?

I reckon that in a way, it's a blessing, when there are few issues that are really gnawing at you. Might as well enjoy it before the real midlife crisis hits, and when we start pondering again the newly repackaged issues we went through as adolescents. ie, what am I going to do with my life, how to keep raging hormones in check, (duh). Maybe I AM just shallow.


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