I knew those lyrics from MASTER OF THE HOUSE (Les Miserables) didn't sound quite right. The last verse should read;

What a cruel trick of nature
Landing me with such a louse
God knows how I've lasted
Living with this bastard in the house.... pum pum pum...

While we're on this topic, fans of les miz MUST absolutely get hold of the TENTH ANNIVERSARY concert performance at the Royal Albert Hall. I watched it first time ever about 10 years ago, on Laser Disk, (which I ordered and took 6 months to arrive), and found myself standing up alone, in my room, giving them a standing ovation. (those were the lonely years.... On my own, pretending you're beside me, all alone, I walk with him till morning....)

Anyway, I also have the DVD copy now, so if you want to borrow, let me know.

Speaking of music, I find that over the years, certain songs remind me of certain people. To name a few:

When I fall in love - Wife lah. (hope I dont get blasted for this)
I will always love you - Got lah, better not say name here
Goodbye (Airsupply) - Immediate past ex (doomed from the beginning lah, with that as relationship theme song)
I've never been to me - Christina
What a wonderful world - My 1st son
If you wanna be happy for life - Two exes ago. (if u wanna be happy for life, never make a pretty woman your life).

Ever since I started those group exercise classes in Fitness First, there's a whole new load of songs I associated with different instructors:-
Never ever surrender - Sop Fan (combat)
Not gonna get us - Calvin
The one with the shimmy (dunno title) - Lil Alvin
Aiya, got a few more lah, dunno the titles.


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