Frame of Mine

Sigh. After doing the two Ss this morning, (sh***ing and showering), I favourite specs, just lay down and died. Rather, it broke into two. The one I am wearing now is an ill fit, and the astigmatism power is way below my current one, so I am feeling a bit dizzy. Anyway, for those of you who are looking for a good, reliable optometrist and spec shop, check out my friend's shop in BSC; called M&J, on the same floor as TIMES bookshop. Very reasonably priced frames, and very personalised service. Look for Lynn.

Thank you friends for all your concern about the daughter. She seems recovered, and should be back in school tomorrow. I was especially touched by the comment from FRIENDS FROM FF GX... don't know who they are, but have a vague idea.

Talking about FF, aiyo, I don't think my training for RPM is progressing....after body pump yesterday, (bravo, the chappie teaching the class actually squeezed 9 tracks into a 45 minute class!!!! well done, HT!!! absolutely no nonsense, bam bam bam), cycled for 25 minutes; sweat was streaming down my face like i was showering; aiyo, aiyo, very tough lah. Wonder what RPM is like. Is it uphill, slow, or speed? Do they go downhill? Argh, I dread it, I DREAD IT!!!! Supposed to burn 900 calories!!!! That's like effort level 12 on the cyclemill. That's when my heart rate indicator goes RED.


Chipmunkrock said…
like i said, too much Body Combat!!!
ooh, don't give too much away! Now we have eyes as well as chin shot. What's next? Careful, someone might recognise you;-)

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