The Last Three Days

Hmm, let me think, what's been happening. I learnt a new word, DOTAGE.

n : mental infirmity as a consequence of old age;

My memory is failing with my dotage. I've been sending out emails, forgetting to attach the information the mail is supposed to contain, I've been sending sms-es to non intended recipients, (fortunately nothing derogatory).....

Tuesday ...hmmm, the weather overall has been quite overcast, with an average temperature of 26C. Which is amazing, considering our NORMAL temperature hovers around 33 -36C. Let's see, Tuesday, dessert day. Well, made a lemon tart, which nearly got burnt coz of other distractions, such as the new software Microsoft Visio, which is great; allows you to draw maps, draw floor plans, etc. While the tart was in the oven, I was on the pc, resulting in an almost FLAMED FLAN. Another case of dotage. Fortunately, it was salvageable, and well, tasted okay. A tad sour, but my family seems to prefer sour to sweet, hence the unpopularity of chocolate cake. an sms from shadesizcool telling me that I need a passport to join Body Attack classes in Fitness First. Passport allows us to go any centre. Oh, yah yah, I forgot, on Tuesday, I went to check out California Fitness, with my colleague, on a whim. Interesting, and quite canggih, (the tv can access the sound using a radio!!!) and of course, there's a pool. (quite a number of mat sallehs were in the process of getting skin cancer in the midday sun). But, I guess it ain't for me, coz I can't imagine going there on a weekend, with the horrific jams that mid valley mega mall are famous for. Might be tempted to try out the RM29 one month trial.

Back to body attack and passports. $(*^)($w*(%&*($$^$*&&^%$^&###!!! Mutter mutter grunt grunt. If I have a gripe about the gym, it is this passport issue that is a torn in my flesh. It's not that I don't WANT a passport (or am too stingy to pay for it), but really, with the office, menara john hancock and home in a straight line, it really doesnt make sense for me to do the butterfly thing and flit from gym to gym. When I started off my membership with the passport, I never EVER went to the other centres, hence one day, the realisation dawned that hey, a penny saved is a penny earned. Oh well, I'll just wait for body attack to make its way to john hancock.

Anyway, it sounds wonderfully difficult. Should be worth a try.

Last night, me, the wife and some friends went to watch Pygmalion. It was my first time in KL PAC (KL Performing Arts Centre), in Jln Strachan, off Jln Ipoh. The minute we entered that big gate that read HOME, (Sentul West showrooms), I thought we were in another country. The old railway offices stood majestically, facade intact, in very foreign looking architecture. And the KL PAC itself was great. Only grouse is the one toilet, which is on the ground floor, and required a 5 minute slow stroll from the auditorium. (the entrace to which is upstairs),

The play itself, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (on which MY FAIR LADY is based), was mildly entertaining. I think perhaps they should have stuck to the original script, and not try to localise it, incorporating a very fake manglish, which became overbearing after awhile. I mean, you would hardly expect to find a Petaling Street flower girl with a name like Lisa Doolittle. I thought Michelle Quah, the lead actress, had not a bad voice, though wife and friend begged to differ. Harith Iskandar, who was Higgins, was his usual self. It's very hard I'm sure to produce a play with a movie like MY FAIR LADY as a yardstick. I never knew though, that so much of the dialogue from MY FAIR LADY is actually directly from Shaw's Pygmalion.

After the show, the "one with the bun in the oven" and others were peckish, so we adjourned for Dim Sum along Jalan Ipoh. What a great country, all kinds of food all every hour of the day. The lor mai kai and char siew paus were really excellent. By the time got home was 12.45pm.

Thursday - Stressful morning at work. An unexpected dilemma cropped up, in what should have been a peaceful uneventful morning, so I decided to head for the lunch time class at the gym, which was BODY STEP. It's like my 2nd BODY STEP class ever, the 1st being like possibly 9 months ago. I reckon I did quite well though, and didn't really lag behind. BODY STEP is easier than STEP, the latter seems to have no fixed movements but more to the fancy of the instructor, whereas BODY STEP like the other les mills systems, are quite structured. I was the only male student in the class. Instructor was male too. Unlike BODY COMBAT, the women don't seem so Xena Warrior Princess. I enjoyed the Body Step, and might make it a Thursday lunchtime thing.


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