Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

Have been meaning to refer to this entry but was quite speechless (in a good way) by the fact that some people are so discerning, they can actually recognise a person from a goatee. I sure would NOT want to have committed a crime and have Jacqueline as an eyewitness. Anyway, I asked shades why she didn't make it known there and then, that she recognised me; apparently, it would have been awkward to say, "hi, are you fatboy", as she didnt know my name. Ah well. I did subsequently introduce myself to her at the nike tribes challenge.

A bit of kiss ass work here, but I have had the privilege of attending one of Jac's body combat class; it was a one off thing, where she was replacing a thursday lunch time instructor, and it was really one of the best combat classes i've remembered. Of course, it was only later on that I found out she's like the instructor of the instructors. So terror one leh.


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