Planet Tattooine

Oh, I meant to blog about this earlier, but forgot completely. The other day, in the changing room of FF MJH, I overheard this conversation. Sometimes, you don't intend to eavesdrop, but unless you are hard of hearing, its virtually impossible NOT to hear.

Two chappies, (instructors, actually), were having an animated exchange about tattoos. I learnt this, just by unwitting eavesdropping.
1. A standard design tattoo costs about RM300
2. You can get it done here in KL
3. For the RM300 one, don't be surprised if 300 others have the same design as you.
4. For a bit more, you can get a custom made one.
5. People DO notice if you've had a new one done.
6. There's obviously a whole new planet with tattooine citizens out there.

If I ever get a tattoo, ........... I wonder where'll I'll put it.


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