RPM studio at last

They are finally renovating the very tired looking centre at John Hancock, and amongst the upcoming highlights, is an RPM studio. I always thought RPM meant revolutions per minute, but actually, here the acronym stands for RAW POWER IN MOTION. (for some reason, in my mind it's always Raw Passing of Motion).

To the un-informed, its basically this:
Raw Power in Motion (RPM) All Levels: An indoor stationary cycling experience. Spin along to various terrains, speeds and intensities and let the music be your road. Go at your own pace and enjoy a group exercise session full of motivation and sweat!

RPM Challenge (RPM Challenge) Advanced: RPM Challenge is an awesome 60 minutes version of the popular RPM studio cycling class that will lead you on a journey to total calories destruction! Burn huge amounts of fat and get a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Try RPM Challenge for killer cross-training and fast results!

Why am I even remotely excited about this? Well, it's because a friend of mine seemed to have lost a fair bit of weight participating in this class. So it is my last hope, since body pump, (2-3 times a week), body combat (3-4 times) and treadmill doesn't seem to be yielding any results. However, another worry is that this other previously fat friend had started from a zero exercise base..... so those kind of fat people usually lose weight quite rapidly once they begin on an exercise regime.

HOWEVER, after I heard that RPM will be coming to town, (actually, they do have it in John Hancock now, but since there is no dedicated studio, the classes seem to be at rather unfriendly hours, either too late, or too early), I thought, okay, I better start cycling (on the machines) before I attend an RPM class, lest I collapse halfway in class. The ignominy of it all. FAT MAN COLLAPSES AND DIES IN CYCLING CLASS. He was identified by his goatee.

Anyway, if you havent been cycling, (as an adult), to suddenly do it again is no mean feat. Aiyo, my first try was last monday, and it was a gruelling 15 minutes. (of course these are at effort levels 6 and above lah....). Then again, I thought, oh well, it's after a 30 minute treadmill, so maybe I was tired oridi. Yesterday, I tried again, and managed 25 minutes (after body pump), I think covering about 8km. In that time, only 250 calories were burnt. Now, you're apparently supposed to burn up to NINE HUNDRED calories in RPM....(maybe that IS raw passing of motion included)....which means either cycling a hell lot faster, or a hell lot steeper.....

And thanks to two tardy young lads who kept me waiting, for about 15 minutes, for a meeting, I succumbed to tempation at Austin Chase and tried out their new Cuban ice cream. Wasted calories. (We were supposed to meet at 10pm, but they were late, leaving me in an awkward position of being all alone, and I didnt want to spend RM10 on a non alcoholic drink, so ice cream sounded more value for money). There went the 25 minute cyclathon.

Kids all having high fever. Boy no 1 started on Sunday, but his has subsided somewhat thank God. Girl no 1 and Boy no 2 started last night. At first, I was worried it could be dengue, coz last Sunday I brought them to that trail in Bkt Kiara, and we got bitten. I forgot the mossie guard. My nephew oso kena high fever. Seems to be something in the air.


all-aboard! said…
Maybe it was the jentik-jentik (is that the word?) in your bamboo vase...??

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