Variety, The Spice of Life

I'm not sure if its a disorder of sorts, but at any one time, I need at least 10 different kinds of shampoo and shower gels in my bathroom. Considering I spend 20 out of 62 showers in the gym, per month, maybe I should seek therapy.

Anyway, this "disorder" doesn't stop at shower gels. Last saturday, I undertook what I thought to be a daring move, and had some friends over for dinner and board games. So what? Well, there were three distinct groups of people there that night, as as the time approached, I felt really stressed; not so much from having to prepare food for 20, but wondering whether or not the people will mix, or would they form their own little colonies. The three groups were :
Everybody Loves Raymond (all of us are linked through this guy, Raymond, who first got us all together), The First Baptist Church crowd, (FBC - this will eventually be the name of my bakery too, Fat Boy's Cakes), and The Fitness First instructor crowd, (actually only two of them, but with the various appendages, so that made 4). A picture of me and my favourite pump and combat instructors.

Turned out alright, I reckon. It was quite funny, coz quite a number of people from FBC (the church, not the cake shop) read this blog, and by extension, the links, ie, Shades blog. So, there were murmurings of "who is shades" whenever a new blog reader walked in. Shades girlfriend, Karynn, looks startlingly like one of our friends, who got married and left for ..... amherst, to follow her hubby who is doing his phD in something something politics. Well, variety may be the spice of life, but you still need the chef to stir the wok and mix the spices.

Dinner, because people trickled in, seemed a cliquish affair, with people mainly sticking to people they know, which is only natural. Sterling effort to shades and gf for mingling right in with the people. I guess the fact that they knew all about him, but not vice versa, broke the ice somewhat. Blogs, the windows to our souls or what!!!!

I'm not sure about the food, the other favourite combat instructor barely ate, which is every host's worst nightmare. One can't help but wonder, goodness, did I make something wrong? But anyway, the rest of the people kindly allayed my fears and were very complimentary. For some reason, I had no appetite whatsoever.

Then came the games part. Actually, in hindsight, we should have started this earlier, coz it was quite fun. We played articulate, which is explained in Shades' blog. Our team won, and the word we had to guess to win was NANNY GOAT. Initial guesses were Nanny Mutton, and Nanny Lamb. It took Clever Cheah to lead us to victory. Way to go Clever.

Alas, the young people of today have no stamina. 12.15am, and everyone was ready to hit the sack. In my day, we used to party till we could hear the muezzin call of azan subur from the nearby mosque.

I got a few other games in the pipleline, Guesstures, which is a hilarious charades game, Taboo, which is similar to articulate, and pictionary. Oh well, there'll be another time. But at this rate, we need to start games at 9pm, if we want to make any headway.


HL said…
You accidentally got some of that 40% milk fat cream on your face, sonny...
Mario said…
12.15??? thats shameful guys ... looking forward to your next games session Cheng Yi !


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