When Kids Fall Sick....

Last night, my daughter's fever went up to 40.05 degrees celsius, which is equivalent to 104++ degrees on the thermometers of yore. I recall usually that 104 degrees warrants hospitalisation. I very clearly remembered going to outpatient in Pantai hospital, and the nurse saw my 104, and said, OH MY GOD, YOU NEED TO BE WARDED. I was quite pleased then, coz that meant time off work. (I was 22).

Son No 1 seems to have recovered from his bout of fever, and looks slightly thinner, after 2 days of no appetite. Son No 2 is still having a fever, but hasn't lost an ounce of his sumo fat. These days, apparently you do NOT apply icy cold towels to bring down the fever, (like my folks did when I was young), rather, just sponge them with cool towels, as the sudden icy cold can induce shock.

The worst thing about all this is, it's exam time, so daughter still had to go in to school today for her last paper. She should be home resting. Anyway, as of 10am just now, she seems to be okay, and the fever gone down. Why is it fevers are always the worst at night, when we seem most vulnerable and helpless, and our regular paediatric clinics are closed? There seems to be a bug going around. I just hope ours isn't dengue. In today's papers, apparently the aedes mosquito has evolved, and can survive without water!!!!

Anyway, thank you friends for your prayers. (those I sms-ed last night).

No dessert yesterday, coz was too lazy, and also somewhat stressed over the kids' conditions. Went for body combat instead, since there was a replacement instructor. Turns out there was a replacement for the replacement. which is one of my fave four, so that was a pleasant surprise. They really need to do something about that microphone, and the entire sound system, in that studio. I emerged from the class deaf in one ear.


all-aboard! said…
Sick or ill?

Yea, i remember 40C clearly as being get going to the hospital temperature..

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