Why Old Farts Should Cool Down

You know how if you suddenly pour cold water over very hot metal, it (the metal) becomes brittle? (ala Fantastic Four). Apparently, the same thing happens with fat too. This is why I reckon they create such lovely cool down tracks in the group exercises in the gym. Well, last Saturday night, that's what happened to me. In a hurry to get back to a hungry wife , I abruptly left a workout and showered and rushed home. That's when I found out.... that old farts should really cool down. I could feel the body seizing up.

Why was I working out on Saturday night? Well, here's where the story begins. Last weekend was the finals of the Nike tribe challenge at Fitness First in Menara Axis. I am too lazy to regurgitate what this nike tribe challenge is, so if you want to know, just read the link. And read the surrounding stories in that blog for more info. Basically, three or more women approach an instructor to lead them in a competition, either body combat, body step or body jam. It's like watching a dance performance of sorts, I guess, but the audience gets to participate. The "tribes" lead the audience for the group exercise class.

I figure there are several categories of people, who can be found in the gym on a Saturday night. 1. the real hardcore addicts of group exercise - I worry I am falling into this category, because I abandoned wife and 3½ children, on a Sat night, to join a body combat class......hmmm.....I am inserting pics just as proof that I was really there, and not cavorting around with some bimbo. Now the saddest part about this addiction is, there's nothing really to SHOW for it. I mean, if I had rock hard abs, and a six pack, then maybe the addiction is worthwhile.

2. the really lonely, who have nowhere else to go on Saturday night - sad hor
3. those who have formed their social lives around the gym and its people - some whole families were there, including father, mother, uncle and aunties.

Anyway, it all started when my combat instructor, (now that I know this blog is read from time to time by the FF police, I better refrain from mentioning names), told me he had a spare ticket (you need a TICKET) for the combat finals. I had intended to pop in to cheer on my favourite instructor(s), but didn't know that it was a participative kinda thing. I was hmmm-ing and ha-ing, but of course, can't resist trying new things, so I accepted his generous offer. Now, since I downgraded my membership to HOME category, instead of PASSPORT, I have effectively never been to any other FF branch. I was pretty impressed with the Axis branch, like rusa masuk kampung. Thankfully, my fave pump instructor and his gf were there to guide me through the intricacies and maze of that place. The Body Step finals was taking place in the large open air area, which was quite awesome. Like one of those Putrajaya government servants aerobic workout day.....except very much fewer ladies in tudungs. And certainly more hip music. And no overweight ministers leading the aerobics. No sir, all svelte, fit and trim instructors.

I met my combat instructor to collect my ticket from him. Oh, actually, I had already attended a combat class earlier in the day, having NOT being able to enter the class on Friday night, because it was full house. Fridays and Saturdays are my favourite days in John Hancock, coz all FOUR of my favourite instructors teach (various classes) within that 24 hour time frame. Which makes it hard choosing which class to go for. It's one of these, friday pump at 6.45, combat at 7.50, or saturday combat at 11.30 or 6pm....

I digress. The non gym person would probably have fallen asleep by now. Baking enthusiast, hangon, got baking entry at the end of this. Okaylah, to cut a long story short, we couldnt do the combat finals in the open air area, coz it was rained out, and wet. A bit dangerous to shuffle and do jump kicks on a wet surface, and the potential for legal suits would have been phenomenal. As it was, even in the safe indoors, the girl in front of me tripped over her shoe lace and toppled over.

The tribes, gotta give them top marks for effort; wonderful costumes, great synchronized movements, great showmanship, it really was almost like watching a concert!!! The annoying thing is, coz it was moved from a 1 acre open area to a 2,000 sq ft studio, (1 acre = 43,560 sq ft), we had to take turns, and "rotate". So after 3 tracks, some outside could come in, and some inside had to go out. I managed to get back in, only because I wanted to support the instructor who gave me the ticket.

Anyway, I am counting on the instructor who blogs for a detailed commentary on the whole event, so I shall say no more. Oh, I got the results by sms.....I can't say I agree with the results. But who am I.... they should have allowed some degree of Malaysian Idol-esque kinda voting...

That was pretty much my Saturday night. Oh, it turned out to be quite a good workout anyway, and save for the no cool down, it was a great experience. Pity we couldn't have done it outdoors, I reckon it would have been rather great. Actually, I have to say, that like a proud school boy, I was rather pleased to be a FF member; events like these, well, they really give that added zing to membership. Am even almost considering upgrading to passport.

Part II - Baking on the Weekend & Celebrating Friends. On Sunday, after church, we were invited to a tea party by some friends. I had volunteered to bring scones and profiteroles, so after church service, it was slaving over the table top time.

I started off intending to photograph a step by step on how to make scones, since many have asked me for the recipe before. But, my photographer, ie, daughter, was in one of her diva moods, and refused to help.

My other kitchen assistant wasn't quite as helpful.

Anyway, from the bowl of flour and butter, this is the finished product. A scone, slapped with strawberry jam and pure cream. I stress, PURE cream. None of that whipped cream crap they serve. The other one is a profiterole with warm chocolate sauce with a vanilla cream filling.

Anyway, tea at FRIENDS' was a luverly affair. Lovely cheese platter, (mmmm, that margaret river chives and cream cheese whatever is to die for), cucumber sandwiches, (made by the Gourmet Cheese Himself), a dual toned sandwich, white and brown bread, with butter that had a hint of lime rind, yummmmy, cold cuts, and the highlight, New Zealand's CLOUDY BAY SAVIGNON BLANC, ANDDDD BOLLINGER CHAMPAGNE.... oh, okay, that wasn't the highlight, the highlight was actually the announcement of their ENGAGEMENT. Congratulations you both, I really am soooo genuinely thrilled that two such nice people have found each other. On another occasion I shall blog about how I dug up the info when they first started dating....


Anonymous said…
i can almost taste the scones and profiteroles...hmmm

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