1st Day Anniversary of Final Year in 30s

Befittingly, starting with a hangover.

Due to the lack of sleep the previous night, (I'm running up quite a hefty sleep deficit, better recover before body attack launch tomorrow, or it might be heart attack), I decided to pamper myself to a 1½ hour massage at about 4pm. There's this place in Jln Batai, near MJH, behind Hock Lee's. RM45 per hr, RM65 for 1 ½ hours, before 4pm. (Happy Hour, they call it). Masseurs and masseuses from Middle Kingdom. Very very good.

Anyway, should be able to catch up on sleep tonight lah. Got cell group, so it's gonna be a sedate night.

Dinner.... wife bought dinner for the family and me, at Dynasty, in the Renaissance. The KL Gourmet Fest is on, so dinner was quite interesting, and reasonably priced as well. (for that kind of place). Wife also baked a carrot cake as a birthday cake. So it was Mrs Fatboybakes. But actually, Mrs Fatboy used to bake way before I even held a cake mixer. So far, all my presents this year have been gym wear. Great!!!! Last year it was virtually all cooking related. Cook books, baking pans, etc etc... OH, and dear Wharton MBA friend even gave me a USD50 voucher from amazon.com.

After jettisoning the family back home, I met up

with some old friends for drinks at Bar Savanh. For a thursday night, that place is quite packed!!! Also made a new pal. Actually, have met a lot of nice, interesting people in the last 1-2 months. There's that hot chick lawyer, who seems to know a lot of people I know, then there's that Sabahan who looks chinese, but isn't, (oh, maybe half), the young civil engineer, a kind stranger who gave me a lift home after Red Planet's birthday, (friends of Red Planet and friend), who I owe a lunch, and of course that father of FOUR, quantity surveyor.


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