Wednesday, November 16, 2005

60-40 It's A Girl

Just got back from our 20 week scan. Brought daughter along, who was heard mumbling a prayer just prior to the scan, "Dear Father God, let it be a girl". Well, that was the result, no bola to be seen, so likely to be a girl. YAYYYYY.


shades said...

maybe bola hidden? Last time my niece... the scan showed that there was a "gun", but came out girl.. mind baffling eh?

fatboybakes said...

yalor, there is that possibility, hence 60-40. but usually, if there is a gun, its like 90-10 that its a boy larrrr...but actually, gynae said better to look for bola than batang.... batang could be umbilical cord, finger, what have you, whereas bola is for sure, BOLA.