Body Attack Launch

Finally, Body Attack. Tag line - Everything else is just a warm up. Location for the launch, FF Axis. Saturday afternoon, normally nap/ massage time. Thanks to Gorgeous Woman, and also Shades, for getting me a guest pass; (3 more days to go, before I can flit around in the various FF centres like a butterfly on heat)...

I popped over to the gents for a piss, and when I returned, the QUEUE for registration was longer than the queue for free food for the homeless on Christmas night, at some soup kitchen. It pays to suck up to favourite instructors, who had queued in my place. (oh dear, I hope this doesn't get anyone into trouble). After queueing for registration, we had to queue yet again to enter the class. The kiasu streak in me wanted to ensure I get a place in FRONT, so I can see what was going on, so there I was, obediently like a sheep to the slaughter, queueing.

The warm up was okay, no sign of anyone collapsing yet. The action started with track 2, a combination of leg lifts, superman, body step type movements sans step board, so it was really still quite okay. Actually, I reckon it is like a somewhat more intensive body step class minus the step board. Now, the TOUGH part came mid way, when we had to do pushups. Seeing as to how virtually NO ONE (okay, there's a guy in front who INITIALLY was on his legs, but only very briefly) , not even the male instructors, took the "on your legs" option, as opposed to "on your knees", I knew we were in for a long ride. Pushups in itself are no biggie, but I guess I was the fact that we were like swimming in our bodily fluids, and while pushups are usually done at the END of classes, heralding the impending cool down, this track was midway, signifying that the torture was only half way. There was also a running circuit, but because there were so many people, I think if it was meant to be a sprint, the purpose was defeated. More like lemmings rushing to jump off a cliff.

By the time it was the cool down, I literally could not grasp my legs for the gluteal stretch, because they were sooooo slippery and dripping with sweat, and kept slipping off. Anyway, I was rather proud that I managed to complete the entire one hour, and I'd say I was giving it 95% effort level, so not bad for a fatboy. Will I do it again? Heck, I upgraded to passport mainly for this purpose!!!! (since it won't be offered in MJH). I actually contemplated attending combat at MJH at 6pm, but I was hosting a dinner party, so I thought, better not try to be hero. What a great workout. For a different perspective of the workout, from a by stander's viewpoint, check out my favourite instructor's (okay, okay, I know I've used this term to death) post.

Dinner - Hosted dinner for the Ondon and Red Planet crowd. Several first time guests, including Mr Goody Two Shoes, (who according to Red Planet, isn't so Goody actually), Young Dimply Lawyer, who became piranha fodder. The rest of the regulars were Dr Lamp Berger, (who just got in from Germany/London), Mr Bad, Mr Reliable, Miss Demeanour, Big Shot Merchant Banker & Sweet Wife, me and mrs fatboy. Because we are down to one maid, (one has gone home for raya, and we are also waiting for a replacement for the kids' original nanny), dinner had to be a simple affair, short of using disposable cutlery. The roast beef was a tad rare, but seemed to go down okay (maybe they were being polite, or really do have a penchant for blood) with the guys. By 1.30am, (4 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of champagne, one bottle of vodka and half a bottle of whisky) things were a bit blur..... thank guys and girls for an enjoyable night, and for all the presents.


Mun said…
Good to read your review on Body Attack. Shades had your pictures at his blog, but your face was blocked. ;o)
shades said…
I thought you upgraded because you wanna stalk me?
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