Condensing Torture

Of all the group exercises I go for (combat, step, pump and very very occasionally, body balance), the one I find most torturous is Body Pump. With all due respect to the creators of the program, there is only so much one can do with weights, and they have already succeeded to a large degree in taking away the monotony of usual free weights, and certainly better than the cold icy machines. In fact during the warm up track yesterday, it suddenly made me think of fave pump instructor, (now no longer teaching at MJH). Not sure what that song is called, but yeah, I digress. (Apparently its sleeping alone).

Okay, my original point being, pump is torture. You ache, time passes slowly, (unlike body step, which seems to fly in a jiffy), and by the 6th track, (biceps), I am almost hoping the instructor will scrap the rest, and go straight to the abs, especially for them 45 minute classes. BUT NOOOOOOOO, kudos to the instructors these days, who are very gung ho about fitting in an entire 1 hour class into 45 minutes. They stretch it to the max, and use up that 10 minute buffer interval between classes. It is greatly appreciated by the members, nonetheless. Big clap for the Monday pump instructors. Well, the previous one has swapped with the tuesday one, so now once again we are being pumped by a female at the helm. The previous monday chap, used to mutter something about having a heart attack in between tracks, coz of the speed and stress of having to do all the tracks in that shorter time. That was the only indication that he was actually human. (everything else is done with robotic precision).

In other gym related development, sigh, I found out that the gorgeous lady as mentioned in earlier blog, will be leaving our shores for her homeland soon. I've always felt this "connection", like kindred spirit kinda thing; now that we've actually made contact, it's rather disappointing to find out there's like only a month left to meet up. This is why these days I ask all new friends, "Are you intending to emigrate or leave for further studies in the near future" (if they're malaysians), or "how long is your contract to stay here in Malaysia" (if they are expats). Anything less than 3 years, strike out......

On a separate note, brought the kids to watch chicken little last nite. No wonder people buy pirated movies. It is quite an expensive affair to bring the whole family out for a movie. No wonder the family next to ours tried their luck and didn't buy tickets for every kid. The movie was mildly entertaining, lots of 70s music and some lines meant only for adults.


shades said…
sorry ah... the title is RISE actually.

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