Conversation With Son

I don't remember talking like this when I was five. Heck, I don't even remember being five.

Son: Papa, why these days you never go scuba diving?
Me: Urm (I'm sitting on toilet bowl actually, and trying to deliver)
Son: Is it because of the pregnant lady?
Me : Huh?
Son : My pregnant mother won't let you go is it?
Me: Urm.....
Son: Why?
Me: Urm...
Son : Anyway, what are you going to do with all your scuba diving gear?
Me : Keep it la.
Son : Oh, since you're not going scuba diving, can you please keep the gear properly for me so I can use it next time.
Me : Out out, smelly lah.


H-L said…
Another description of fatboybak(ing).
shades said…
heart-to-heart talk of the fatboys!

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