Covering My Green Balls With Coconut

Oh, forgot to mention that over the weekend, upon the insistence of my son, Aun Aun, we foray into the hitherto unknown realm of making local "kueh". In this case, ondeh ondeh. Bought all the stuff, (hmmm, profit margins for this kueh is phenomenal)....and proceeded to follow the recipe from Lee Sook Ching's THE MALAYSIAN COOKBOOK, or summat.

Problem : NO indication of how many servings the recipe catered for. Very annoying. But didn't take a genius for figure out at 3/4 cup flour wasn't gonna spawn very many balls. Increased accordingly. To 1 cup, I think. I oso stupid. Then it said 2 tbspn pandan juice, to form a dough.
2 tbspn liquid + 3/4 cup flour....hmmmm, seeing is believing..... sure enough, it was more like 5 to 6 tbpsns liquid before the flour resembled a dough. Anyway, our efforts yielded all of 1 dozen balls, out of which, half were whacked by Aun Aun.

Verdict : Easy to make, quite therapeutic, waiting for balls to rise, and love the aroma of juice of freshly pounded (pureed) screwpine (pandan) leaves, kneaded into the dough. Drawbacks - Finishes very fast.


jacqui said…
mmmmm...ondeh2 is one of favourite local kuehs...recipe? I never knew pandan is called screwpine in English??!! Maybe now that it has an English name, I can attempt to find it here...
fatboybakes said…
hackie, i am shocked!!! even aun aun knows they're called screwpine leaves. maybe you can find them under CS LEWIS book, the screwpine letters. hahahahahahaha.
Anonymous said…
Eh...aun aun has corrected my speech in the past, so I'm not surprised he knows. so what is kangkung in Inggeris?
fatboybakes said…
dear anonymous, kangkung is water convulvulus. but i doubt he'd know that lah. serai is lemon grass. surprisingly things like sawi (choy sum) havent got an english name. much like me i guess. no english name.
jacqui said…
ooh, next time I know who to check when going grocery shopping next :P

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